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Subject: [gentoo-user] Example Kernel conf for versatile iptables setup
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:21:35
1 Where can I see a condensed overview of what needs to be set in the
2 kernel for maximum flexibility using iptables and snort?
4 This google search:
5 "kernel settings" iptables
7 Turns up a number of shortish discussions in the forums but nothing in
8 actual gentoo documentation.
10 kernel iptables
12 Broadening the search brings alot more list discussion but so much it
13 will be a pretty big undertaking to scan thru even a fraction of it.
15 Is there anyone here who may know a more detailed presentation or
16 discussion they can point me at?
18 My aim is setting up a small somewhat hardened OS that will serve as a
19 half booty DMZ... `half' in that it will not route anything to lan or
20 anywhere else (other than iptable/snort logs). It will receive the
21 rejected traffic from an upstream firewall router.
23 The logs are what I'm after so it will mainly reject and log.
25 --
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