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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] ext3 file permissions on a USB drive
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 21:28:33
I promise I googled.  I found the question asked quite a bit, but never
found a solution.  This isn't a Gentoo-specific question, so I marked
it [OT].

I have a USB HDD, using ext3, and I'd like all users to be able to have
full permissions for any file on it.  It's *not* a problem to mount it
rw for all users;  I mention this because googling turned up a lot of
people mistaking that question for the one I want to ask.

The problem is that if user A on machine X creates a file on the drive,
it has access permissions 644, which makes it impossible for user B on
machine Y to modify the file.  (User A and user B are both me, but with
different UIDs on the different machines.)

What I'd like is for all files created on the drive to have
permissions 666, but I don't see any way to override the system umask
(0022) for only this drive.  I saw somewhere suggested that setting
the device node and the mountpoint permissions both to 666 would do
that, but it doesn't work for me (and I don't know why it would for

As it is now, I have to occasionally use '# chmod -R 666' on the
entire drive before I can work with files on it.

If I reformat the disk as vfat, I could use the umask mount option for
vfat, but if possible I'd rather keep using ext3.

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