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Subject: [gentoo-user] Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 21:05:58
1 My Facebook account:
3 Scanned documents in the (currently 42) photo albums of my Facebook
4 account:
7 Videos in my Facebook account:
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12 To: The Linux Community
14 I am a big fan of Linux. In fact, I am running Fedora 11 x86_64 64-bit
15 Linux on my home multimedia desktop tower system. In order to run
16 multiple other Linux distributions at the same time without rebooting my
17 home personal computer, I am using the open source Xen Type 1
18 hypervisor/virtualization solution.
20 You may check out my work and in-depth technical details on VGA
21 Pass-through for add-on PCI-Express x16 graphics card to Xen-based
22 Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit guest operating system/HVM domU running
23 inside my Fedora 11 64-bit host operating system at the xen-devel (Xen
24 developers) mailing list at the following internet links from July to
25 November 2009.
27 July 2009:
29 August 2009:
31 September 2009:
33 October 2009:
35 November 2009:
38 You may also watch High-Definition (HD) videos of Intel VT-d VGA
39 Pass-through for PCI-Express x16 graphics card to Windows XP Home
40 Edition HVM domU guest operating system at my Youtube account. Please
41 visit the following Youtube link to watch my videos:
45 My works on the open source Xen virtualization Intel VT-d VGA
46 pass-through, Building a Rocks HPC Cluster with Xen Hardware Virtual
47 Machines (HVM), How to Setup a Virtual Supercomputer Center or HPC
48 Cluster using Xen Virtual Machines, and Using Xen Virtualization
49 Environment for Development and Testing of Supercomputer and High
50 Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster MPICH2 Applications were also listed
51 on the official website.
55 Besides running Fedora 11 64-bit Linux as my host operating system (my
56 heavily customized Xen Paravirt-Operations Domain 0 or Parent Partition
57 in Windows Server 2008 speak with various pv-ops Dom0-patched
58 self-compiled kernels), I am also running other Linux distributions like
59 Fedora 12 i386 32-bit Linux, FreeBSD amd64 UNIX, openSolaris 64-bit
60 UNIX, openSUSE 11.2 Linux, NPACI Rocks HPC Cluster, Slackware64 13.0
61 64-bit Linux, and Ubuntu 9.10 Linux, either as para-virtualized (PV), or
62 fully virtualized guest operating systems/domU. Non-*NIX operating
63 systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 have to be run as
64 Hardware Virtual Machines (HVM) under a Xen pv-ops Dom0 Linux operating
65 system.
67 You may want to refer to my picture/screenshot tutorials of installing
68 various Linux distributions, UNIX variants like FreeBSD, and UNIX
69 operating system openSolaris as virtual machines/guest operating systems
70 under a Linux host operating system at my website. Please
71 click on the following internet link:
75 This is my secondary IT blog.
77 My primary IT blog is
79 Since Google Inc. announced the release of the open source 32-bit
80 Chromium OS (which is actually a stripped down Ubuntu 9.10-based Linux
81 operating system) for netbooks last year, I have made an un-official
82 port of chromiumos to the x86_64 64-bit architecture, which I called
83 ChromiumOS64 myself. In the later stages of development, I have added
84 Jeremy Fitzhardinge's Xen paravirt-ops Dom0 capability to my un-official
85 ChromiumOS64 project (ChromiumOS64-Xen). My ChromiumOS64 and
86 ChromiumOS64-Xen projects are listed at the official website.
87 Please visit
91 I am also enthusiastic about customizing and compiling my own Linux kernels.
93 To add basic security to my home personal Linux multimedia computer, I
94 have installed the open source Snort Network Intrusion Detection System
95 (NIDS) and the open source OSSEC Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS).
96 A basic iptables script is also in force. I am also running SETI@Home
97 (BOINC client) on my Linux PC to contribute to the search for
98 extraterrestrials.
100 And not forgetting that I have compiled Linux from Scratch (LFS) 6.5
101 from scratch following the LFS 6.5 Handbook and installed the PacMan
102 Package Manager, essentially making it an ArchLinux Linux distribution.
104 I hope that the above information that I have provided may be useful to you.
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108 --UPDATED 28 August 2010 4:22 A.M. Singapore Time
110 --UPDATED 11 August 2010 4:56 A.M. Singapore Time
112 --UPDATED 22 July 2010 11:09 A.M. Singapore time
114 [***URGENT***]
115 15 June 2010 Tuesday
116 5:50 P.M. Singapore Time
118 To (long list of recipients):
120 Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)
121 Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters without Borders)
122 International Committee of the Red Cross
123 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
124 World Health Organization
125 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
126 United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
127 United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
128 President of the United States of America Barrack Obama
129 First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama
130 United States House of Representatives
131 Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosy
132 U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
133 U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner
134 United States Senate
135 President of the U.S. Senate Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
136 President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate Daniel K. Inouye
137 U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
138 U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
139 President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev
140 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
141 Ireland David Cameron
142 President of the Fifth French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy
143 Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
144 Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi
145 Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
146 Prime Minister of Australia The Honorable Kevin Rudd MP
147 Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key
148 Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan
149 President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou
150 President of the European Union Jose Manuel Barroso
151 Members of the European Parliament
152 The Oprah Winfrey Show
153 The Rachel Ray Show
154 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
155 Larry King Live TV Show
156 Charlie Rose TV Show
157 International Court of Justice
158 International Court of Human Rights
159 European Court of Human Rights
160 European Court of Justice
161 Public Broadcasting Service
162 American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
163 National Broadcasting Company
164 CBS Broadcasting Inc.
165 Fox News
166 The CW Television Network
167 Ion Television
168 Bloomberg Television
169 America One
170 Omni Broadcasting Network
171 CNN
172 BBC News
173 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
174 Amnesty International
175 The Carter Center
176 Every Human Has Rights
177 The Wall Street Journal
178 USA Today
179 The New York Times
180 Los Angeles Times
181 The Washington Post
182 Daily News
183 New York Post
184 San Jose Mercury News
185 Contra Costa Times
186 The Oakland Tribune
187 Chicago Tribune
188 Houston Chronicle
189 The Arizona Republic
190 The Philadelphia Inquirer
191 Philadelphia Daily News
192 Newsday
193 The Denver Post
194 Star Tribune
195 St. Petersburg Times
196 Chicago Sun-Times
197 The Plain Dealer
198 Oregonian !The Oregonian
199 The Seattle Times
200 The Dallas Morning News
201 Detroit Free Press
202 The San Diego Union-Tribune
203 San Francisco Chronicle
204 The Star-Ledger
205 The Boston Globe
206 The Kansas City Star
207 The Sacramento Bee
208 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
209 The Sun
210 The Orange County Register
211 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
212 The Indianapolis Star
213 St. Paul Pioneer Press
214 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
215 Orlando Sentinel
216 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
217 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
218 The Courier-Journal
219 South Florida Sun-Sentinel
220 Las Vegas Review-Journal
221 The Cincinnati Enquirer
222 Miami Herald
223 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
224 The Columbus Dispatch
225 The Charlotte Observer
226 Fort Worth Star-Telegram
227 The Buffalo News
228 The Virginian-Pilot
229 The Tampa Tribune
230 The Record
231 The Times-Picayune
232 Omaha World-Herald
233 The Oklahoman
234 The Detroit News
235 The Commercial Appeal
236 San Antonio Express-News
237 Austin American-Statesman
238 The Hartford Courant
239 The News & Observer
240 The Tennessean
241 Boston Herald
242 Investor's Business Daily
243 Richmond Times-Dispatch
244 Democrat and Chronicle
245 The Palm Beach Post
246 Fresno Bee
247 The Blade
248 The Florida Times-Union
249 Asbury Park Press
250 The Press-Enterprise
251 The Birmingham News
252 The Des Moines Register
253 The Salt Lake Tribune
254 Arizona Daily Star
255 Daily Herald
256 The Morning Call
257 Akron Beacon Journal
258 Dayton Daily News
259 Lexington Herald-Leader
260 Tulsa World
261 Knoxville News Sentinel
262 Grand Rapids Press
263 The Providence Journal
264 Press-Register
265 Albuquerque Journal
266 The News Journal
267 Wisconsin State Journal
268 The Post-Standard
269 Los Angeles Daily News
270 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
271 The Post and Courier
272 The News Tribune
273 The Journal News
274 The Times of Northwest Indiana
275 The Gazette
276 La Opinión
277 The State
278 Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
279 The Daily Telegraph
280 Financial Times
281 The Sunday Telegraph
282 The Sunday Times
283 The Guardian
284 The Observer
285 The Independent
286 The Times
287 Independent on Sunday
288 The Herald
289 The Press and Journal
290 The Daily Telegraph
291 The Courier
292 Sunday Herald
293 Scotland on Sunday
294 The Sunday Times
295 The Scotsman
296 The Times
297 The Independent
298 The Guardian
299 The Western Mail
300 Y Cymro
301 New York Times columnist William Lewis Safire
302 Former President of Singapore Devan Nair
303 Former Solicitor-General of Singapore Francis Seow, Harvard Law School
304 Visiting Fellow
305 Secretary of Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Francis Galvin
306 Singapore Citizen/Singaporean Seelan Palay
308 Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Alfred Kissinger
311 Dear Sir/Madam,
313 RE: Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders
315 I have uploaded photos, videos, and audios of myself, scanned images of
316 my ECG Graphs, laboratory blood test reports, X-Ray films and medical
317 documents to Facebook (Facebook account: Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)) and
318 other preferred multimedia sharing sites. Hopefully, my online accounts,
319 including Facebook, will not be compromised by my antagonists. I hope
320 that the content (text, video, and audio) in my data sharing sites will
321 remain fully intact without unauthorized alteration, modification, and
322 deletion by my adversaries. And hopefully nobody will close my Facebook
323 account without my authorization and consent either.
325 I am exceedingly concerned that I might have heart/coronary artery
326 disease and that it might be in the late stages.
328 My physical symptoms are:
330 1) Aching in the upper left of my chest since beginning January 2009 90%
331 of the time, sometimes it may migrate to the right side
332 2) Shortness of breath from time to time
333 3) Palpitations in the last few days (I can feel my heart beat very hard
334 and irregularly)
335 4) Muscle aches in the hands and legs, sometimes my hands(palms) will cramp
336 5) Involuntary movement of fingers/thumbs occasionally
337 6) Facial spasms occasionally
338 7) Sometimes I will feel my body "vibrating" anywhere from head to toe
339 8) When I tried to feel the pulses on my wrists, the pulses will
340 "disappear" after a while. This is contrary to what doctors, nurses, and
341 others have been telling me. That my pulses are consistent.
342 9) Sometimes when I am just about to fall asleep, I will get a sudden
343 jerk or have a feeling that I am falling or my heart is going to pop out
344 10) giddiness/dizziness/light-headedness from time to time
345 11) Sometimes I will feel weak after just waking up, especially in the
346 hands
347 12) discomfort at the back of my head from time to time
349 I have visited many doctors at Accidents and Emergency (A&E) departments
350 of many general hospitals here but they all try to brush me off and tell
351 me I am fine. My request for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the
352 brain and (more specifically the) heart is usually declined. It seems
353 that the doctors are stalling for time, dragging and delaying until
354 maybe it is too late to do anything for me. I have been unemployed since
355 1st October 2009 and have depleted all my personal savings.
357 In May 2009, which is just last year only, I have done a MIBI heart
358 perfusion study (radioisotope IV + gamma camera) and the
359 cardiologist/heart specialist told me I have NO heart/coronary artery
360 disease (even though I have high cholesterol and it could be managed).
361 LVEF was 64% and MIBI was negative for ischemic at Stage 2 Bruce (as at
362 21st May 2009). How could it then have progressed, from NO heart/artery
363 disease to the above-mentioned physical symptoms, in such a very short
364 period of time?! This is all very very very strange. Could it be some
365 other problem instead? Heart/coronary artery disease takes many many
366 years to develop.
368 As you can observe, I am nowhere as obese as Moses Lim, a Singaporean
369 Mediacorp TV actor.
370 References, photos, and videos of Moses Lim:
371 (1)
372 (2)
373 (3)
374 (4)
375 Yet he is already 60 years old. I also had a grandmother who was very
376 very obese and she was able to live until 60+ years old. There are many
377 many people who are far fatter and have far greater builds than me. They
378 do not have any physical complaints like mine. Why do I have
379 weird/strange physical symptoms like giddiness/dizziness, chest aches,
380 muscle aches in the limbs, shortness of breath, hyperventilations, and
381 palpitations all of a sudden at 32 years old? Foul play?!?!?!
383 Could it be that my neighbours have been
384 frightening/terrifying/threatening me everyday 24x7 non-stop for the
385 past 3-4 years with all sorts of terrible/horrible things that can
386 happen to me? Maybe my heart couldn't take the stress under such an
387 intensive, constant and prolonged psychological abuse? I have also heard
388 them talk about me to various people while I am at home. I think they do
389 that purposely. But I have had totally no say at all from start to
390 finish because I am not allowed any chance for direct involvement. I am
391 being excluded and not given any chance to know anything. They also seem
392 to have gathered/amassed a lot of private information about me. I
393 seriously wonder how they do that. They appear to be extremely
394 resourceful and motivated. There appears to be some intrigue and shroud
395 of secrecy around me. These people know all of my online monikers and
396 email addresses. They have been submitting online forms using my
397 identity and have even attempted to submit password reset instructions
398 for me without my knowledge and consent. I actually overheard my
399 neighbours claiming to have passwords/complete access to all my email
400 accounts and other online accounts. They may also create phony email
401 accounts and send messages impersonating as me without my knowledge.
403 Thank you very much for your kind attention and concern.
405 PS.
407 (1) My neighbours have claimed that they will never stop or waver in
408 their psychological warfare on me unless I commit suicide. Or they will
409 wait patiently until I have a heart attack or stroke. How callous they
410 are! I want to live and live to a ripe old age. And I wish for a long
411 and healthy life too.
413 (2) I have a severe panic attack on 27 May 2010 Thursday and several
414 panic attacks after that. Due to the panic attacks and the severe
415 anxiety caused by my neighbours, I have been warded in Changi General
416 Hospital (Ward 14) for 2 weeks (from 1st June 2010 to 15th June 2010)
417 (EDIT: It's actually four weeks (from 1st Jun 2010 to 2nd July 2010)). I
418 am actually on home leave today to write this letter (15 June 2010). I
419 will be going back to the ward at night, hopefully before 8 P.M.
421 (3) Most of the nurses in Ward 14 CGH have been very nice and friendly
422 to me. Hopefully they are not putting on a false front. But the doctors
423 there are as obstinate as mules. They stubbornly and stoutly refuse to
424 give me any advanced heart imaging tests, e.g. MRI (preferred), CT-scan
425 (not preferred), echo cardiogram, and ankle brachial index (ABI) tests.
427 (4) I have a medical appointment at the National Heart Center Singapore
428 on 17 June 2010, which is next Thursday. I hope that the heart
429 specialist there will allow me to do the advanced imaging tests
430 (brain/heart) that I want and tell me the absolute truth about my
431 medical condition.
433 (5) My neighbours have strangely and repeatedly commanded me hundreds of
434 times to apply to work in a casino else I would not get medical
435 treatment. Strange? Baffling? A casino environment is not suitable for
436 me and I do not want to work in a casino. I want to work as an
437 Information Technology (IT) engineer. This is my preferred profession.
439 (6) After discharging from CGH on 2nd July 2010, I still have not
440 managed to get any advanced medical imaging tests (MRI) for my
441 heart/brain. The doctors at CGH have consistently refused to do the
442 tests for me.
444 (7) I went for an ABI test at National Heart Center Singapore on the day
445 of discharge from CGH (2nd July 2010). The results appear to be okay.
446 Please refer to my facebook account for the details of the test results.
447 (Rt: 1.05 Lt: 1.04)
449 (8) I am given a full echo cardiogram appointment at the National Heart
450 Center Singapore on 2nd Sept 2010. But I am still not given any MRI
451 tests for my heart/brain. Strange. (EDIT: I have brought forward my
452 echocardiogram appointment to 11 August 2010 Wednesday 2:00 P.M.
453 Singapore Time)
455 (9) I am writing point number 9 onwards until point 29 on 11 Aug 2010
456 Wednesday Singapore Time. Please take note.
458 (10) During my one month hospital stay at Changi General Hospital (Ward
459 14) from 1st June 2010 to 2nd July 2010, my neighbours did not come to
460 harass me. The physical symptoms which I have described above (except my
461 chronic chest pain) gradually subsided. Except for the very first day in
462 the hospital ward when I have a number of panic attacks while talking to
463 Dr. Sim Ching Ching in a consulting room and the following morning while
464 talking to Dr. Lui, I did not have any more panic attacks and my anxiety
465 levels decreased during the rest of my hospital stay.
467 (11) After my discharge from CGH on 2nd July 2010, the disturbances from
468 my neighbours have substantially decreased in frequency. I do not know
469 why but all of a sudden, from 31st July 2010 Saturday Singapore Time
470 onwards, my neighbours have re-started or resumed their operations in
471 harassing, frightening, terrifying, threatening, and conducting
472 psychological warfare on me in much increased intensity. They keep
473 talking to me every few minutes every day 24x7 day and night. It's not a
474 face-to-face talk that you might imagine. I didn't converse with them
475 much. They just keep talking to me unilaterally. In Housing &
476 Development Board (HDB) apartment flats in Singapore, you could hear
477 your neighbours in the units to your immediate left, to your immediate
478 right, and also in the units immediately above and below you, if they
479 are to talk sufficiently loud. If you stay on the 2nd story, you could
480 even hear people talking in the void deck (ground floor) and as well as
481 from the carpark. It's a psychological warfare by my neighbours to
482 instill fear and increase my anxiety.
484 (12) My neighbours have proudly claimed that they have strong and
485 powerful backing from their masters. They told me that they cannot stop
486 harassing me at all because they are under orders/instructions from
487 their masters.
489 (13) I have thought of relocating my domicile but my neighbours claimed
490 that even if I moved to another location in Singapore far far away from
491 them, another set of people would be tasked to harass me and take over
492 from them.
494 (14) Shortly after graduating from the National University of Singapore
495 (NUS) with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree in
496 December 2006, I joined the Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)
497 in the Infocomm Infrastructure Division in February 2007 as an
498 Information Technology (IT) engineer, administrating Linux, UNIX, and
499 Windows Servers in its data center. DSTA is an agency under the
500 Singapore Ministry of Defense.
502 (15) Sometime before I left DSTA in August 2007, my neighbours and their
503 friends *first* started to harass, stalk, and conduct psychological
504 warfare on me by instilling fear and increasing my anxiety at home and
505 almost everywhere I go.
507 (16) Within a short period of time, I managed to secure a job as an IT
508 engineer in National Computer Systems (NCS) Ltd, a subsidiary of
509 Singapore Telecommunications, in September 2007. The job, as far as I
510 could remember, was to maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) servers,
511 Windows Servers, and also perform daily tape backup operations in the
512 data center. A strange phenomenon occurred during my stint in NCS Ltd.
513 Colleagues and staffs in other departments started to whisper and gossip
514 about me. When I approached them, none of them appeared to be willing to
515 tell me anything. I had conjectured that some chain emails could be
516 circulating about me in the organization. It seemed that some rumour
517 mongering activities were going on around me in the organization.
518 Without hesitation, my neighbours and their friends came into my mind.
519 They had probably approached some people in NCS Ltd, who were probably
520 very happy to entertain them and start the chain emailing around in the
521 organization. My neighbours and their friends were soon operating in the
522 surrounding area and began to harass me. I could not remember the exact
523 date I started to develop panic attacks. They were of a much milder
524 intensity than those which occurred between 27th May 2010 and 2nd June
525 2010. I was warded in Singapore General Hospital from 31st Jan 2008 to
526 5th March 2008. Just before the one-year contract expired, I left NCS Ltd.
528 (17) Between leaving NCS Ltd and joining Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, I was
529 warded in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) a number of times for panic
530 attacks.
532 (18) After recovering from the panic attacks, I joined Asiasoft Online
533 Pte Ltd in February 2009 as an IT/IS engineer. Asiasoft Online is an
534 online game playing company in Singapore. The company offers online
535 games such as Maple Story, Audition, Cabal, GetAmped, Sudden Attack,
536 Yulgang, Monster Forest, Raycity, and Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms. I am
537 in charge of all the Linux game servers in the company. My biggest and
538 proudest achievement cum project was to setup and configure a fully
539 working IP Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) tunnel for
540 the company. IPsec VPN is much harder and more complicated to setup than
541 OpenVPN (which is based on SSL or Secure Socket Layer). My next task was
542 to setup and configure a secondary/backup mail exchanger for the company
543 using qmail MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). qmail is much harder and more
544 tedious to configure than postfix MTA. (Yahoo! Singapore is using qmail
545 MTA.) By far, sendmail MTA is the hardest and the most complicated in
546 the Linux world to setup and configure. I was also in charge of the two
547 Domain Name Service (DNS) servers (primary and secondary) in the company
548 and maintaining and updating all the IPv4 forward and reverse zone
549 records. Being in charge of the DNS servers allowed me to learn a bit
550 about Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys and DKIM. If my memory
551 does not fail me, the DNS servers were installed by me using Fedora
552 Linux and BIND 9 daemon/service. It is quite simple actually. The final
553 assignment for me in the company was to install and configure all the
554 Yulgang game servers. Majority of the Yulgang game servers are using
555 openSUSE 10.2 32-bit Linux. Only a few Yulgang servers are using Windows
556 servers. (William Phoon Choon Keong, who was my former IT department
557 manager in Asiasoft Online before Melvin Lee came in to replace him
558 towards the end of July 2009, installed and managed the Yulgang Windows
559 game servers.) GetAmped is using Solaris UNIX. During the relocation of
560 the company office from Singapore Post @ Paya Lebar to Tampines Central,
561 I had a chance to play around with CISCO switches and routers and learn
562 some CISCO IOS commands (mostly forgotten by now). But networking is not
563 my forte. I am mostly an IT infrastructure engineer. I have yet to take
564 the CCNA. By the way, the same rumour mongering that happened in NCS Ltd
565 also surfaced in Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd.
567 (19) My father suffered from a mild stroke on 13 September 2009 in which
568 his left side of the body was affected and he was warded for 19 days. He
569 was discharged from Changi General Hospital Singapore on 1st October
570 2009. On the same day, I resigned from Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd.
572 (20) After resigning from Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd on 1st October 2009,
573 my neighbours and their friends suddenly and unexpectedly increased
574 their force and intensity tremendously in harassing, frightening,
575 terrifying, threatening, and conducting psychological warfare/abuse on
576 me, culminating in a severe panic attack on 27 May 2010 Thursday and
577 several other panic attacks after that, leading to my hospitalization on
578 1st June 2010 in Changi General Hospital for a period of 32 days, and
579 discharging on 2nd July 2010, which I have already described above. The
580 27 May 2010 panic attack was an extremely terrible experience for me. I
581 thought I was having a heart attack and going to die. I was having a
582 hyperventilation and my heart rate goes up to almost 150 beats per
583 minute. Both my palms were totally cramped up. My heart was also aching.
584 It took about an hour before the panic attack subsides.
586 (21) As at 11 August 2010 4:03 A.M. Singapore Time, I am still having
587 chest pain in the upper left side of my chest from time to time.
588 Although the doctors at CGH stubbornly pinned everything on panic
589 attacks and anxiety symptoms and ruled out the possibility of a
590 heart/coronary artery disease, I am taking no chances at all. It is
591 after all my life. I really suspect that I might have an underlying
592 heart/coronary artery disease condition which could have been masked by
593 my panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. I have a suspicion that my main
594 blood arteries or veins in the chest could have been narrowed. Otherwise
595 what could have given rise to a chronic chest pain since Jan 2009? I
596 want a MRI test for my chest and a functional MRI (fMRI) test for my
597 brain as well. I want to live and I want to live to a ripe old age. I
598 want to have a long and healthy life.
600 (22) Sometime in October 2009, my neighbours were saying that I have
601 appeared on Singapore's national Mediacorp TV in the corridor of our
602 apartment block. I could not independently verify whether I have
603 appeared on the national TV during this period or some earlier period.
604 But the strangest thing was that people started to avoid me. My
605 relatives (maternal side) were initially reluctant to talk to me over
606 the phone. They did not even visit my house during Chinese New Year
607 2010. My secondary school friends, polytechnic friends, army friends,
608 NUS friends, NCS friends, Asiasoft Online friends, and ClubSNAP
609 photography friends were suddenly refusing or were afraid to answer my
610 phone calls! I have about 300 people on my Windows Live MSN list and
611 more than 250 people have deleted me from their MSN list. Total
612 strangers in the streets and public places started giving me weird
613 looks, or whispering about me, or taking a few steps back away from me.
614 Even patients, nurses and other staffs in government general hospitals
615 were doing the same thing. What is actually going on? If I really did
616 appear on the national TV, what was actually being reported about me? I
617 want to know the answer. Maybe the Reporters without Borders could help.
619 (23) One day in Shenton Way, I overheard a stranger in a food court
620 saying that my neighbours and their friends were discussing about me on
621 Singapore's Mediacorp radio stations. I could not independently verify
622 whether I have actually been brought up on radio stations in Singapore.
623 There are so many radio stations in Singapore! So which one should I
624 tune in to? And what are the timings?
626 (24) My relatives (maternal and paternal sides) did eventually visit us
627 recently. My relatives (maternal side) visited my house 1-2 weeks ago
628 after receiving a phone call from my mother in hospital. She was
629 admitted on 9th July 2010 together with the assistance (or rather the
630 presence) of CGH Medical Social Worker Miss Cerene Wong. My relatives
631 (paternal side) visited our house a few days back though I don't even
632 recognize them. Please note that I am writing this on 11 August 2010
633 Wednesday Singapore Time.
635 (25) I am extremely baffled by my neighbours' knowledge of my
636 conversations with doctors and nurses in Changi General Hospital
637 Singapore and Singapore General Hospital. I am also baffled by their
638 knowledge of my medical appointments and when I change my medical
639 appointments. Who gave them all these information?
641 (26) My neighbours told me that their masters' intention and motivation
642 is to systematically destroy me.
644 (27) Please don't fix me. Please. Please don't make my life miserable
645 for eternity. Please. Please Please Please. Please leave me alone in
646 peace. Please. Please don't make me keep on having panic attacks. I will
647 definitely suffer from heart attacks very early on in life due to the
648 protracted psychological abuse putting the extra strain on my heart.
649 Please. Please Please Please.
651 (28) I am hoping to get a job in the IT sector within the next 1-2 or 3
652 months. I am currently waiting for my mother to be discharged from the
653 Institute of Mental Health (IMH) hospital. Dr. Malu (think I got the
654 name wrong) there has already told me she would be discharged within a
655 few days or a few weeks. Please don't do the same thing to me
656 (harassing, frightening, terrifying, threatening, and psychological
657 warfare/abuse) for my next job again. Please. I am anticipating that you
658 will do it with an extremely high probability.
660 (29) Please don't persecute me. Please. Please. Please.
662 (30) I am writing point number 30 onwards until point number 34 on 28
663 August 2010 Saturday at 4:06 A.M. Singapore Time.
665 (31) Backed by their masters, my neighbours have warned me time and
666 again that what I am going through now is just the tip of the iceberg.
667 The worst is yet to come for me.
669 (32) My neighbours have brought up the issue of commanding me to apply
670 to work in a casino here again. They have repeatedly told me: "Our
671 masters want you to work at the casinos which have been built and
672 completed in Singapore recently."
674 (33) My neighbours seem to have state of the art thermal imaging cameras
675 which can penetrate solid concrete walls. They can monitor all of my
676 movements and every little action in my own house. And they purposely
677 let me know that by describing what I am doing in my own house to me
678 from time to time. Who gave or loaned them these state of the art
679 technological equipment?
681 (34) I have made numerous attempts to relay the message that I did not
682 purposely, intentionally and deliberately offend/insult their masters
683 through my neighbours by simply talking to them unilaterally (not face
684 to face). However, my neighbours have consistently replied that my
685 explanations are not accepted by their masters. I am at a lost as to
686 what to do. I just want an avenue to offer my sincere apologies to their
687 masters for using one of their names by mistake in a challenge/response
688 situation with Melvin Lee (it was a casual conversation in Asiasoft
689 Online Pte Ltd back in Aug/Sep 2009 I think when Melvin Lee challenged
690 me to complete an IT assignment within a specified period of time) and
691 hope that they [the masters] would not try to fix me.
693 Yours sincerely,
695 Mr. Teo En Ming
696 Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Name: Zhang Enming
697 Citizenship: Singapore Citizen/Singaporean
698 Facebook: Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
699 Mobile Phone (Starhub Prepaid): +65-8369-2618
700 MSN/Windows Live Messenger: teoenming@×××××××.com
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748 (1) Singapore Polytechnic Graduated 1998
749 (2) National University of Singapore Graduated 2006
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753 Location: Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore
754 ZIP: 470103
755 Place of Birth: Singapore
756 NRIC/National Identity Card No: S78*6*2*H
757 Date of Birth: 5th March 1978
758 Race: Chinese
759 Dialect Group: Hokkien
760 Height: 1.78 meters
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