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Subject: [gentoo-user] Official support for the s6 init on Gentoo
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 17:16:01
1 Hi all,
3 I would like to propose the official support of s6 in Gentoo, although it is true that it is accepted, it does not have official support and would need the creation of new scripts for the correct operation of s6 in the system.
5 This request is motivated by the malaise caused by systemd along with the latest decisions made by Gentoo. The worst thing for OpenRC (native, by default and alternative to systemd) is to adopt binaries from it, that will create more discomfort in the community and it seems fair to me to have a real independent alternative (binaries, libraries and device manager) like s6 . I think it would be a good solution for both start systems, we would all be happier. Of course, some extra work will require from Gentoo.
7 S6 init system is already working in other distributions, with good acceptance, Gentoo has always been characterized by its flexibility, I do not see why we could not enjoy this init and thus have 2 clearly different, autonomous and compatible alternatives to continue using Gentoo comfortably.
9 For the record, I have nothing against systemd and I do not intend or encourage to create any controversy, but it seems good and healthy, both for the community and for the future of Gentoo, to have a real alternative to systemd and not follow the path which is adopting OpenRC, accepting systemd binaries if they "work and do the trick".
11 You can express your vote in favor by answering this email and affirming that you agree. Please, do not indicate controversial or disqualifying comments, this email can serve to demonstrate the number of users who are interested in having an alternative, complete and functional system to systemd in Gentoo. At no time do I have anything against it, that it continues to be developed and used, whoever wants, but also that those who do not, have an alternative.
13 Thanks.


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