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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: No help on annoying `sandbox' error
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 09:05:48
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] No help on annoying `sandbox' error by Walter Dnes
1 "Walter Dnes" <waltdnes@××××××××.org> writes:
3 >> I see nothing really like this on bugzilla although their are other
4 >> access violations there. I guess it needs to be turned in as a bug but
5 >> fisrst tell me if its really a bug or something to do with my
6 >> ill-informed setup.
8 Thanks for noticing my post Walter.
10 > A couple of things to look at...
12 > 1) Do you have "SANDBOX" mentioned anywhere in /etc/make.conf ?
14 No
16 > 2) Grasping at straws here, have you made any manual changes to
17 > /etc/profile ? The reason I'm asking is because
18 > /usr/share/sandbox/sandbox.bashrc sources /etc/profile
20 I don't recall having done so, and looking it over now I don't see any
21 thing funky looking like I might have put there. I did have an
23 `echo reading /etc/profile'
25 in there at one point trying to unravel something and wanted to see
26 when it was sourced, but I removed that long ago.
28 There is quite a lot of sourcing going on in /etc/profile too, like
29 /etc/profile.env /etc/profile.d/bash-conpletion
31 I wish they'd sort of leave the init scripts a little less complicated
32 to unravel. Or at least.. I wish I knew a way to in one command make
33 the os tell me where everthing in env came from (which file I mean).
35 It seams a little wild that it would go after my .bash_history. What
36 would it be doing there... what would it write there and why?
38 A little less subjective test: I'm building up a small vmware
39 appliance from new install disc (2007.X) and diffing that /etc/profile
40 against the one where the trouble is shows no differences at all.
42 --
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