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From: v_2e@×××.net
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Turn backlight off with XScreensaver only when explicitly locked
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 00:22:25
1 Hello!
2 I am trying to make XScreensaver turn off the backlight of my laptop
3 screen when I lock it, however I cannot achieve exactly what I want.
4 I have the following situation:
6 1. If I set XScreensaver to activate the "Blak Screen Only" mode after
7 some very-very long time (in order it not to start automatically) and
8 then turn the option "Quick Power-off in Blank Only Mode" on, the
9 backlight does not get turned off when I lock the screen, although
10 XScreensaver starts and indeed makes it blank.
12 2. If I set "Power management enabled" just above the previous one and
13 then set Suspend/Standby/Off times to some large values (for example,
14 720 min), XScreensaver turns the backlight off just after I lock it.
15 But if I touch a mouse or keyboard (which calls the unlock dialogue),
16 it does not turn the backlight off again after the unlock dialogue
17 disappears.
19 3. If I set the "Off After" parameter to e.g. 1 min, XScreensaver does
20 turn off the backlight on locking and about 1 minute after the last
21 activity (that caused unlock dialogue to appear). But in this case
22 XScreensaver also turns the screen off when I don't need it, i.e. when
23 I just do not move mouse or touch keyboard for 1 minute -- even without
24 the explicit screen locking.
26 If I recall correctly, I had this feature working properly some time
27 ago (probably a year or more). It did not blank the screen until I
28 click the "Lock" button and did turn off the backlight again when the
29 unlock dialogue disappeared.
30 So could somebody please give me a hint on how to do the trick?
32 Thanks!
33 Vladimir
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36 <v_2e@×××.net>