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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: Gentoo User <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Smplayer and window title bar
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 13:07:36

On rare occasions, I want to see what video file name I'm watching and
it isn't showing on the title bar of the window.  In full screen mode,
nothing shows up as I expect.  When I switch to non-full screen mode,
usually the file name shows up in the window title bar but at times, it
is something else.  Sometimes it is just random characters.  Sometimes
there is some other sort of name there.  I've searched through both
Smplayer preferences and the windows settings and can't find where that
is set.  I'd like to set it to ALWAYS show the file name instead of
something else. Does anyone know where else to look for that setting?

The reason I need this, if I'm playing a long playlist and a video is
defective, I want to know which one needs fixing.  To do that, I need
the file name since that contains the info I need to go find a better
copy.  No file name, hard to figure out. 

Thanks to anyone who can help.


:-)  :-) 


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