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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] top does not save settings
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 23:20:00
1 This is another little nuisance that I have noticed on this new amd64 laptop:
3 In an aterm I launch top. Then press z c and Shift+W. I get:
5 Wrote configuration to '/home/michael/.toprc'
7 Fine I think, Ctrl+c to end it and move on. Next time I fire up top, even
8 from the same terminal, it's all looking white with no colour, no
9 highlighting, or anything else. Why is this? This is what the contents of
10 .toprc show:
11 =================================
12 Cfile for "top with windows" # shameless braggin'
13 Id:a, Mode_altscr=0, Mode_irixps=1, Delay_time=3.000, Curwin=0
14 fieldscur=AEHIOQTWKNMbcdfgjplrsuvyzX
15 winflags=64953, sortindx=10, maxtasks=0
16 summclr=1, msgsclr=1, headclr=3, taskclr=1
17 fieldscur=ABcefgjlrstuvyzMKNHIWOPQDX
18 winflags=62777, sortindx=0, maxtasks=0
19 summclr=6, msgsclr=6, headclr=7, taskclr=6
20 fieldscur=ANOPQRSTUVbcdefgjlmyzWHIKX
21 winflags=62777, sortindx=13, maxtasks=0
22 summclr=5, msgsclr=5, headclr=4, taskclr=5
23 fieldscur=ABDECGfhijlopqrstuvyzMKNWX
24 winflags=62777, sortindx=4, maxtasks=0
25 summclr=3, msgsclr=3, headclr=2, taskclr=3
26 =================================
28 Same thing happens in xterm and konsole.
29 --
30 Regards,
31 Mick


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