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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: CoC loving Linux programmers swear the GPLv2 is irrevocable. They are wrong. (As are the women they wish to empower).
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2019 20:16:26
1 What promise did you rely upon?
3 It is the right of the property owner to revoke.
4 You payed the property owner (Linux Programmer 721) nothing for his
5 code.
7 He never promised you that he would forgo his right to revoke
8 (Read the GPLv2, there is no mention of not revoking the license.
9 Something which the GPLv3 adds).
10 (The SFConservancy's artistic interpretations were debunked 5 hours
11 after publication)
13 Additionally you did not pay the LICENSOR for this forbearance.
14 It is not reasonable for you to rely on a promise that was never made,
15 and a promise that you never payed the owner for.
17 In short: you are wrong,
18 and you and others are attempting to convert the property of the
19 copyright owners to your own property, essentially.
21 (Your claim is that another's property can be taken from him because to
22 do otherwise would be inconvenient to the people that are committed to
23 committing the taking.)
26 On 2019-01-01 12:42, william drescher wrote:
27 > "Consideration" can be in form of "
28 > detrimental reliance." That means that you relied on the license and
29 > that reliance cost you something.
30 >
31 > So if you spend money to pay programmers or if you spend time writing
32 > programs based on the license you have paid for the license.