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From: Iain Buchanan <iaindb@××××××××××××.au>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] suggestion for recombining audio with video
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 02:15:44
Message-Id: 1189476332.14984.193.camel@orpheus
1 Hi all,
3 recently I've been doing some better recordings (proper mic into sound
4 system) along with my video camera. This means that I have two sources
5 - one attached to the video, and one separate audio stream.
7 It's not practical for me to plug the sound system into the video camera
8 (although that would be ideal) because I move around too much, and a
9 cable would be ... not practical :) And there are some "room noises"
10 that the video camera picks up that a directional mic doesn't.
12 aaaaanyway... I've just started using audacity to edit the "nice" audio,
13 and add some simple effects, and I want to recombine that with the
14 video, so that I have the nice audio + video. So I would require a
15 program to do the following
17 1. line up video and audio from separate files
18 2. adjust the position of the audio frame by frame, so that I can
19 get as-perfect-as-possible lip sync!
20 3. video and audio not necessarily the same length
21 4. mpeg or dvd compatible output
22 5. mix two (or more?) audio sources into one audio+video file, with
23 some simple crossfade
24 6. Open software would be ideal (linux of course!), followed by
25 closed-but-minimal-cost, followed by
26 closed-costly-but-so-excellent-I-have-to-have-it!
28 If there is a choice, I would prefer that the video is left as unaltered
29 as possible by this program, to avoid going through too many
30 conversions.
32 I don't need any fancy editing or effects, I have other programs to do
33 that!
35 Any suggestions? I have been looking on google, but there are so many
36 bad shareware programs that my results get flooded with rubbish!
38 TIA,
39 --
40 Iain Buchanan <iaindb at netspace dot net dot au>
42 "Can you program?" "Well, I'm literate, if that's what you mean!"
44 --
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