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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] ridiculously wide handbook pages
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 17:14:53
Message-Id: i82gfj$4sk$
1 I've noticed recently that the Gentoo handbook web pages are
2 ridiculously wide. (It seems to me that they didn't used to be, but I
3 wouldn't swear to that).
5 For example, look at this page:
9 The normal text paragraphs have lines that average over 160 characters
10 per line. The generally accepted guideline for line length in order to
11 maintain good readability is 40-80. The above page's lines are 2-4
12 times as long as recommended for good readability, and they are in
13 fact so long that I can't make my browser wide enough to see an entire
14 line.
16 Line lengths that long make the pages hard to read even if you _can_
17 make your browser wide enough to show an entire line.
19 The regular handbook is a little better:
23 That has lines that average about 140 characters. That's still much
24 longer than what I'd consider good practice.
26 Do the extremely long lines in the handbook web pages bother anybody
27 else?
29 I can understand that things like example code blocks or sample
30 command input/output blocks might need to be wide enough to require
31 horizontal scrolling of a browser window, but normal text paragraphs
32 with 160 characters per line?
34 --
35 Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards Yow! Is this going to
36 at involve RAW human ecstasy?


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