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From: Peter Humphrey <peter@××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Mysterious fetch failures
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 11:40:50
Message-Id: 4086939.olrS0xgvSC@wstn
1 Hi list,
3 For a few weeks now I've been having trouble emerging certain packages: they
4 abort on checksum failure every time. Yet when I wget them myself from the
5 first mirror in the list they're fine. Eh?
7 The problem can't be the presence of a distfile that's been renamed
8 *_checksum_failure_* because those were still present during the successful
9 emerge. I can't think of any other possibility at the moment.
11 The ones I fell over last night were gdk-pixbuf, vala-common, apg and nss. I'm
12 building a new 32-bit system in a chroot for my mini LAN server. The first two
13 have been persistent for several weeks.
15 --
16 Regards
17 Peter