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From: (Nuno J. Silva)
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Testing new kernels - saving dumps / strip down kernel options
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:56:57
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Testing new kernels - saving dumps / strip down kernel options by "Stefan G. Weichinger"
1 On 2013-01-08, Stefan G. Weichinger wrote:
3 [...]
4 > * I remember a thread here where this was discussed already:
5 >
6 > How do you guys get to your .config for a recent kernel? "make
7 > oldconfig" doesn't always work out best, I recall?
8 >
9 > My kernel config is maintained along for years now and has survived
10 > several hardware changes. I don't have any obvious problems but I wonder
11 > if I have something in there that is deprecated and might be better
12 > thrown out.
14 I don't use anything other than stable code releases from portage, but
15 even then I usually do make oldconfig, followed by a by-hand inspection
16 of the options with make menuconfig, to catch stuff that got through me
17 in make oldconfig, and to see if there's any change in other options
18 that I want to tune.
20 > Does it make sense to take the .config from the gentoo install dvd for
21 > example and remove all the stuff I don't have? Maybe still too much
22 > enabled options in the end.
24 Even then, if you do that and tune the config several times, you'll
25 likely end up with a lighter kernel. Just drop anything you don't need
26 from the device drivers.
28 > "make allnoconfig" as a start?
30 That is probably much better than the config from the install dvd, yes,
31 in fact most of the work coming from an "Add-It-All" config is that you
32 have to disable many, many entries.
34 > allmodconfig ?
36 I'd go with allnoconfig, although if you compile lots of stuff as
37 modules, you can then check lsmod to see what does, in fact, get loaded.
39 > I'd be happy to hear your opinions.
41 --
42 Nuno Silva (aka njsg)


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