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From: Steve <Gentoo_sjh@×××××××.uk>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] A question about Wikis... (A bit off topic...)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 15:21:13
1 I'm trying to establish a shared repository for semi-structured data...
2 This could be interpreted in many ways, so I'll try to illustrate with
3 an example.
5 Say I'm researching a new topic - for example, the Oil Industry... and
6 I'm looking to establish a shared resource detailing relevant
7 information. From the outset, I recognise that a completely free-form
8 approach isn't appropriate... there are a number of 'key entities' - for
9 example, Oil Companies; Oil Executives; Oil Fields; Oil Consultancies -
10 etc. Hence, I know that I will be interested to develop a coherent
11 profile of all the Oil Companies in a similar format. If I were to
12 establish the market capitalisation for one oil company, I'd want to
13 make it clear that this information is 'unknown' for other companies
14 rather than simply not mention it. Similarly, for CEO; tax status -
15 etc. When it comes to the directors, perhaps I want to establish "who's
16 who" style information on them... where I'd collect their educational
17 backgrounds; URLs for appearances in the press etc.
19 I imagine that software that supports the development of such flexibly
20 structured information would be of great value to a wide range of
21 applications. For example, it would be a fantastic resource for
22 journalists; with other data, it might serve as a great way for business
23 oriented research; it could be used to support networking (in a
24 business/social sense) - and a whole lot of applications I can't imagine
25 myself, I'm sure.
27 Is there any existing software that does this sort of thing? A wiki
28 goes part-way, but I'd want to be able to establish 'type' for pages...
29 so that, for example, every record of a company has standard fields into
30 which various statistics can be filled-in... and where URLs to external
31 data is prompted...
33 Any ideas?


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