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From: "Anno v. Heimburg" <anno@×××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: which syslog?
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 11:43:33
Message-Id: f3jnm3$6nl$
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Re: which syslog? by "Sven Köhler"
1 Sven Köhler wrote:
3 > But i guess, they have a more suitable default setting. Everything going
4 > to /var/log/messes is just to simple, i think. Actually i don't want the
5 > layout to be like sysklogd. But i would like a little more complicated
6 > default setting.
8 Okay, in that case, I'll say that metalog has a very-sensible-to-me default
9 setting, tweaking which I resisted for quite some time. What seems sensible
10 to me might be lunacy to you, however, so have a go at it and see for
11 yourself.
13 Anno.
15 --
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