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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] GSOC discussion
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 18:21:11
1 Google, Summer of Code, is a very wonderful idea for the
2 Open Source Community:
6 No doubt many are scheming as to what would be good project ideas.
7 Many really good ideas come from the rank and file of users.
8 ( is back online).....
10 Those (gifted? fledgling_gifted) often code good ideas directly.
12 I think now is the time to have a robust (community) discussion
13 on what the users of this list think would be good ideas
14 for GSOC projects, which are Gentoo centric. My experiences with
15 ALL current search engines, is there is quite a lot of low_quality
16 results; which may be a direct result of the masses of those
17 folks trying to learn/use unix/linux/gentoo by poorly formed
18 google (et. al.) searches. Those low quality efforts statistically
19 stack up against those few robustly accurate searches (from folks
20 like the users of this list) so as to contaiminate search engines
21 by the sheer number of poorly formed search engine efforts. I.E.
22 it's not the fault of the search engine(?).....
24 So, Naturally, here is my idea. Collectively, if you look at this list
25 archive and other such gentoo-centric resources, there is a wealth
26 of good information that traverses our paths, and is then subsequently
27 burried into the annals of lifeless data, only occasionally pinged by
28 exasperating google searches, or gleaned from the multitude of records we
29 each privately maintain.
31 So, some sort of tool/app/parser that can glean information from the
32 various gentoo-centric resources and store the data for later searching
33 would be useful. Then a variety of experimental front ends could be
34 tested (or developed anew) to query that data with relevant searches
35 and very targeted searches.
37 By limiting the focus to all things Gentoo, we could serve ourselves
38 up crudely basic, but highly valuable information specific to the
39 Gentoo-centric paramenters that one uses for this "in-house" database. This
40 effort would mostly priortize the data returned in searches by some
41 sort of *quality metric*. For example it could be simply that the most
42 experienced dev would rate a "*100" (times 100) multiplier on the quality of
43 their searches. Recognized power users might rate a "*2"5 rating. Ordinary
44 folks a *1 rating on quality. This system would not even have to be open to
45 the rank and file internet, except as a source of data returned to search
46 engines like google, for example.
48 Other distros could eventually do the same thing, and then Google could
49 probe these databases, gaining specific user-community preferences
50 of excellent quality (accuracy) search-data from folks steeped in all
51 things Gentoo.
53 Basically, a schemea is developed that allows the strongest of the Gentoo
54 community to radically improve the quality of gentoo-specific searches,
55 with very little efforts. For the devs and such, it could merely be
56 a front-end to their own google searches. Folks would not have to
57 use this front-end, if they do not want to.
60 So, what is your idea for GSOC_2014?


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