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From: Joerg Bornkessel <hd_brummy@g.o>
To: gentoo-vdr@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-vdr] Description use-flags vdr up from 1.4.7
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 20:02:41
Hallo Gentoo-VDR Maillist,

Please check the description for the use-flags for vdr up from 1.4.7


media-video/vdr:cutterlimit - Limit IO bandwith used for cutting
media-video/vdr:cutterqueue - Adds a queue of recordings to be cutted
media-video/vdr:cuttime - Adjust starttime of cutted recording by length of cut out parts
media-video/vdr:ddepgentry - remove duplicate EPG entries
media-video/vdr:dolbyinrec - add a dedicated switch to control recording of dolby digital
media-video/vdr:dvbsetup - Setup for AC3 transfer, disable primary tuner
media-video/vdr:dvdarchive - DMH DVD - Archiv ( used by vdr-burn-0.1.0_* )
media-video/vdr:dvdchapjump - Jump on capitels on DMH DVD - Archiv
media-video/vdr:dvlfriendlyfnames - filter file names on recording
media-video/vdr:dvlrecscriptaddon - enhancement for record-script
media-video/vdr:dvlvidprefer - controls video-dir choice on recording
media-video/vdr:graphtft - support for grapftft plugin up from vdr-graphtft-0.1.7
media-video/vdr:hardlinkcutter - Speed up cutting by hardlinking unchanged files
media-video/vdr:liemikuutio - Formerly known as AIO (all-in-one) patch, adds some nice must haves
media-video/vdr:livebuffer - does timeshifting/background recording all the time, allows to rewind live TV
media-video/vdr:lnbshare - Enables support for two or more dvb cards sharing the same cable to the lnb
media-video/vdr:mainmenuhooks - Allows to replace main menu entries by some special plugins (like epgsearch, extrecmenu, ...)
media-video/vdr:osdmaxitems - Support for text2skin
media-video/vdr:pinplugin - Support for pin plugin
media-video/vdr:settime - set system time per script instead of via syscall
media-video/vdr:sortrecords - allows to change sort order of recordings
media-video/vdr:switchtimer - support for timer that do not record but only switch to a channel
media-video/vdr:syncearly - start live display as soon as possible, not waiting for sync of audio and video
media-video/vdr:timercmd - Adds submenu for user defined commands in timer menu
media-video/vdr:timerinfo - Show with chars +/- if space on HD will suffice for a timer
media-video/vdr:validinput - Signal if it is possible to go left/right in lists with chars < >
media-video/vdr:wareagleicon - Replace original icon set in menu




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