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Subject: [gnap-dev] Last meeting, current status of my project
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 13:38:52

Since the lat meeting did not really take part i wanted to know, when the
next meeting will be. Next monday, 8 AM UTC (10 AM CET, 11 AM EET)? I
would vote for this.

I talked to eroyf on monday, some kind of small meeting, and i'd like to
tell all the people who did not attend or who don't read backlo how my
current status is.

You've probably seen, that i spammed the list with some thoughts on and
patches for gnap. I've been working on this a little, aside from making
gnap_make test builds, talking to people, trying to get all the access i
need and things like that.

In (maybe not so) short:

- Goal one was cross compile support for gnap_make. It looks pretty poor
there, at the moment. SpanKY was/is working on this and said we/i should
talk to him before i start working on this. This part of my project is
mostly about catalyst. Last weekend i finally caught him on IRC and he
said stage1 builds should work from the catalyst point of view, but not
all packages in stage1 work with cross compiling. He will file a bug with
the patches and inform me as soon as he has done this. I'm watching
catalyst bugs since and did not read anything, on monday eroyf said he
would need to talk to him anyway and he will remind him to do that, don't
know if he talked to him since. As soon as i get the patches i will look
how they work, check which packages (it should be perl) don't work and
look if we need it and if we can use his approach to build our stuff.

- Goal 2 was cross platform support (or how this is called). Basically i
want gnap to work on platforms different than x86/amd64.
I got an account at a ppc64 box at, found out that i need root
and that chroot will not work. I provided them with a script that gives me
a sudo chroot only inside my home which should be safe apart from
hardlinks. If i hardlink a file where i want read/write permissions into
my future sudo chroot and do chroot, i can read/write the file, since i'm
root. Possibility 1 is to put my home into an extra partition, possibility
2 which the guy from osuosl proposed if running a hardened kernel and
using the link restrictions, which don't let me hardlink files not
belonging to me. I tested which rights inside a chroot i need for the
builds and this should all be up and working sometime today or tomorrow,
depending on the timezone. So, fromm tomorrow i have a ppc account i can
work with, hopefully.
The MIPS people seem t have hardware problems, i don't know how long it
will take to get me an account there. If this does not work, eroyf offered
me to use one of his boxes, which are unfortunately very very slow. We
will talk about that on monday, i think.
There should be a special summer of code box, which should be much much
more powerful than the box i use for test builds. Christel told me about
it, i asked KingTaco, Solar joined the talk. What i understood in the end:
This machine is for code and web hosting mostly (christel was talking
about almost nobody using it, it has dual processor or at least dual core,
if i remember correctly), giving me root will probably not be possible (i
don't think they were interested in my restricted quite safe root way i
will use at osuosl, they did not reply to the mail about it) and... i read
that KingTaco wanted to talk to christel about giving me wrong
information. Well, they did not tell me anything and so i will continue my
half-day buildson my 1,3 GHz box if i want to test anything.

That's all, so far. It looks like i'm far behind schedule but i hope can
catch up. But this really seems to be more complicated then i thought it
would be (not the project, but getting the resources). And 3 days ago my
laptop decided to die, too, so i spent the last 2 days setting up a
replacement box i got from a friend, and since the monitor is quite bad i
will probably wort at the university from now.

See you next monday, hopefully with tons of good news.

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