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From: "josé Alberto Suárez López" <bass@g.o>
To: gnap-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gnap-dev] [PATCH] Custom GNAP TEMPDIR in gnap_make
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:41:59
Message-Id: 1182433308.15159.27.camel@supercoco
In Reply to: Re: [gnap-dev] [PATCH] Custom GNAP TEMPDIR in gnap_make by Philipp Riegger
El jue, 21-06-2007 a las 15:40 +0300, Philipp Riegger escribió:
> On 21.06.2007, at 15:02, josé Alberto Suárez López wrote: > > > nice idea :) > > > > El jue, 21-06-2007 a las 14:48 +0300, Philipp Riegger escribió: > >> Good day. > >> > >> I though it might be nice to be able to tell gnap_make which tempdir > >> to use. I can think of 2 scenarios where this will make sense: > > I'd like to discuss 2 points i'm not quite sure about. > > 1) keeptemp: Should this be an extra option (-K) or should this be > triggered by my introduces custom tempdir option (-T)?
i prefer an extra option, so maybe is better to keep this kind of "advanced" options in commons.conf
> 2) My option is quite strange since "usually" you give a tempdir > like /var/tmp and the tool uses a subdir of that e.g. /var/tmp/gnap- > lsdfnsdf. My approach uses the given dir directly, this is kind of > not straight forward. Furthermore, if somebody uses a environment > variable TEMPDIR and -T is not used, the alternative execution path > is also used. > > Some possibilities what to do: > > To fix the environment thing, TEMPDIR can be set to '' before parsing > command line arguments. As an alternative we could use the GNAP* > namespace and rename it to GNAPTEMP or GNAPTEMPDIR. This would be > easier than setting all sensitive variables to '' and if somebody > messes with that namespace, it's not our fault.
We must use the GNAP namespace.
> To fix 2) we could use TEMPDIR/gnap or TEMPDIR/gnap-VERSIONSTAMP in > the -T case. anything against this?
VERSIONSTAMP must be used ever.
> > Thoughts about 1): If no overlays are used, the tempdir is quite > small. If overlays are used, then it is bigger, but the data created > during the snapshot creation is simply the portage snapshot and the > overlays on top and can be found in the catalyst tempdir. So... the > big data is never really needed and it is available at another place > and the small data is the important one and does not hurt much. > > Still: Should we introduce a new command like option or create some > logic when to delete what and when not? I would prefer 2.
i prefer 2 too, so maybe we can guide this logic in cmmons.conf
> > Philipp
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