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Subject: [gnap-dev] [gnap-dev commit] r129 - trunk/tools/rebuild_stages
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 09:28:09
Author: rieggepp
Date: Thu Jul  3 02:27:40 2008
New Revision: 129


Added README file for rebuild_stages.

Added: trunk/tools/rebuild_stages/README
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+Welcome to rebuild-stages!
+This is a Makefile i wrote in order to rebuild stage3s for different 
chosts. I
+wrote it during googel summer of code 2007 and improved a little after 
that. I
+did not like gnap_make at that time, because there was too much 
hackery to do
+to get the dependencies right and what not, so i decided to 
reimplement some
+of the functionality in a Makefile. On the long run it could be 
interesting to
+replace some of gnap_makes' functionality by a Makefile.
+Howto use rebuild-stages:
+I used it like that:
+1) Create directory for your needs. I created one for test builds (-latest
+   portage snapshots) and one for release builds (_date directories).
+2) Copy Makefile from i386-uclibc or any other existing dir there. 
Other files
+   might be needed to, best check which files in already existing 
subdirs are
+   in svn. Theese are likely to be needed.
+3) Change everythign you want in the Makefile and the other files. Interesting
+   are the directory where you mirror gentoo/snapshots. I implemented 
it this
+   way because then make can apply its checks. (Is -latest already the latest
+   snapshot? If not, just copy it there.)
+4) Type make. If you have problems, read the source.
+Some more information:
+_date suffixes:
+For each chost there exists a drectory with _date as a suffix and one without.
+I used the one without do do fast builds with a -latest portage 
snapshot from
+the mirrors. If that worked, I checked the date of the -latest 
snapshot and
+rebuild the stage in the _date dir with that exact snapshot, not using any
+package cache or thing like that.
+I added rundimentary tinderbox support. The packages mentioned there 
are built
+but not copied to the workdir, like stages1-3. I did not use it that 
much. I
+never had a build configuration that worked, since some packages 
depended on a
+kernel and I got problems there. I did not investigate them too much, 
so if
+anyone wants the feature, it should be easy to do. I got livecdstage1 
to build, but got problems with livecdstage2 due to kernel stuff. This 
should also be
+easy to resolve for people familiar with building livecds with catalyst.
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