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From: Vit Vomacko <vomacko@××××××.cz>
To: gnap-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gnap-dev] student application/ideas for SoC 2008
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 16:37:46
I am quite interested in your GNAP SoC 2008 project. So let me introduce 
My name is Ví»a Vomáèko (maybe  some  letters  are strange to you:), 21 
years  old,  from Czech Republic
I have experience with building embedded systems based on Gentoo 
(experience 4+ years) - routers for wisp's . A lot of minimalizations, 
hardening,  filesystem protection, ram drives, monitoring of them, 
dnsmasq, firewalls, shaping and also  automation for it. I am also quite 
interested in projects like vyatta and their integration. Currently I am 
looking at embedded platforms like wrap, router board.  I have also some 
experience with GNAP but worked on my own solution ( 100MB distro, 
openssh with hpn patchset instead of dropbear, full perl, python etc.)  
I am studying University of economics, faculty of informatics and 
statistics and also work part-time at Sun Microsystems CR, Systems-group 
- ISV integration, but I will have a lot of free time for investigate 
into  SoC.

I have some ideas, based on José Alberto's, Philipp Riegger's and mine, 
as a newcomer (may not be suitable for project, may be too long term ). 
So please tell me what seems to be good and what is totally rubbish:D

    * bug fixing (less bug, will report; cdrtools collision, a lot of
      bugs opened)
    * wrap,router board enhancements ( i will have direct access to it)
    * glsa checks for your overlay (to be sure, that there is now
      critical security bug in your gnap devices)
    * overall upgrade of gnap core (new snapshot, gnap core..., move to
      gnap 2.1 release and continue)
    * interactive setup ( to be even easier to use for beginners,
      answers some questions and build what is needed)
    * CLI (inspired by vyatta project, would be nice to share code,
      provides great management ability) and web interface for basic
      changes (networking, firmware upgrades) (definitely try to use 
      and edit code from other similar projects, use existing frameworks)
    * unionfs, support (I know that second guy would like to work on it)
    * live formware upgrade
    * use new catalyst (don't know exactly problems connected to it)
    * extensions installation made easier (maybe to have basic
      extensions available on the internet and automatically get them)
    * look at cross compiling ( I have some experience, so know that its
      difficult, so sth.that could be done in shorter terms)
    * work on selected issues from Phillips's ideas (

Definitely I'd like to continue after SoC finishes. SO since tomorrow is 
deadline:( try to comment it asap, I will be very happy of your comments.

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