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From: "josé Alberto Suárez López" <bass@g.o>
To: gnap-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gnap-dev] Some updates to (finaly!!)
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 15:06:40
1. gentoo-infra is trying to search our new home, Kingtaco will migrate
our cvs repos to a svn repos and we will have capacity to control what
users can access to the repos.

2. i submit 2 lil changes to the actual repos:
	2a. src/specs/root_overlay/etc/init.d/overlay
		- references to firehol and shorwall was removed, both will be
included as extensions.
		- interfaces init scripts creation is rewriten, now is not limit in
how many cards you define in NBCARD (before was 4)
		- support. if you drop an script in etc/gnap/ it
will run in the last step of the overlay. This is usefull to fix perms,
create tmp files, etc required for some extensions. MY_HACKS_VERBOSE=YES
can be used to watch the output
	2b. src/specs/common.conf
		- catalyst2 -> catalyst (finally :)


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