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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] Advertisement bar
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 23:13:49
On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 10:20 -0500, Curtis Napier wrote:
> I thought of that too. The problem is that I would have to add a new > function to the href's parser and I'm not sure I want to add anymore > complexity than we have too. Not to mention the href parser won't work > on hard coded links in the menus and jumppads, only on dynamically > created ones from xml files. This means if you turn off the ads then > click a link in the menu the ads come back but if you click a link > within the content area the ads will stay off. This is inconsistant > behaviour and not really something I would want to do. Changing the href > parser to work on the menu links wouldn't be an easy task. I would have > to think about how to do that and experiment a little.
It may now be a moot point, but I don't think you understand what I meant, it is extremely simple to do and works exactly like full=1 or style=printable, etc., I still don't know what you mean by "href parser" or adding a new function to it, and yes if you click a link you change the current page and the ads come back...the same thing will happen with javascript unless you use cookies and technically you could use cookies this way as well, but cookies aren't something I think we would ever want to use anyways, so doing it in XSL would still give you the same effect as javascript, without javascript. -- Blackace Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Developer


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