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From: "Christopher Bergström" <cbergstrom@×××××××××.com>
To: curtis119@g.o, www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [www-redesign] status of
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:42:46
In Reply to: [www-redesign] status of by Curtis Napier
Curtis Napier wrote:

> This has been cross posted to gentoo-dev and www-redesign. > > > > After receiving a ton of very useful feedback from the developer > community I have updated the redesign. It should now be closer to 100% > accessible and it should (hopefully) render perfectly in all browsers > including text only browsers. It now passes XHTML and CSS validation > tests.
The doctype is currently HTML 4.01 Transitional and manually overriding to XHTML doesn't validate.. (Looking at the source shows that it's simple fixes though.)
> > If you have access to a Macintosh, Windows, *BSD or any other OS or > Browser please test the site and include your OS and the browser > version in your feedback. I haven't received feedback from Konqueror > or Safari so feedback from those browsers would be much appreciated. >
If you'd like to preview future sites for Mac.. (Try PearPC)
> The only major outstanding issue is the contents of the menu in the > grey bar at the top and what should appear in the 5 purple boxes > directly under them. Currently I have that menu listed in order of > what a new Gentoo user would need to access first. If you have a > better idea of what should be included in this menu or think something > important is being left out please send that in your feedback as well. >
Usability and navigation needs work. Think in terms of end user.. Someone may not land on the home page.. At which point he will have to navigate to where he/she needs to get as quickly as possible. With click-through patterns (If you can get the data) see where people are going and make that most accessible.. Navigation should be fairly site standard and potentially even show a hierarchy of where they are in the site. (ie Home > Solutions > etc) Do we have this data? Is now the time to do a structure change to allow for faster digging? (Not exactly related to the redesign, but is the site content index or in a database at all.. How could we maybe allow for a site/doc search?) I've looked at the preview images for the winning contest.. Is it too late to consider moving the three navigation boxes to the left hand side and or keeping some of the left hand navigation there.. Link color contrast for the top right isn't very clear.. (Doesn't match the preview image.) Why change from the preview image to adding in it's place the four navigation boxes? While we are an open source project there are still two very desirable actions we want users to do.. 1) Download and try the software (Rename mirrors and get gentoo to Download and make it very clear where users can download from.) 2) Make a donation (this should also be something more than a standard PayPal button, but still discrete and site blended.) Dummy proof and use standard terms for the actions we want users to do.. The perfect example, but more than slightly overkill/hard sell is.. (I do think the preview image you submitted was very close on target, but maybe with a bigger click here or arrow..) Possible to get the CSS page under 8k? btw.. Is there any particular reason the current site pages end in .xml, but are actually just html docs? (Do we plan to use xhtml at least in the future?) Cheers, C. -- www-redesign@g.o mailing list


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