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From: Curtis Napier <curtis119@g.o>
To: www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: [www-redesign] search and logo
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 04:57:37
I implemented the search today. The search box is back on the right hand 
side, it uses to search all * domains. This 
includes the forums, planet, documentation and dev space among others. 
The donate button was moved back to the ads column because of this.

There are a few other minor changes as well. Link colors have been made 
more consistant: purple on white for content areas and white on purple 
in the menu bar. All links turn green on :hover. These color 
combinations pass the color-blind test, look really good and are 
consistant. All links except the grey menu bar are now underlined to be 
in-line with accessibility standards (the grey bar is an exception made 
for aesthetic reasons).

The content area and ads column still need to be fixed. Currently they 
are in a table (I was testing it out in attempt to not use an absolute 
position css tag and it didn't do very well) and I need to put it back 
into divs.

I'm trying to maximize the space in the purple boxes on the front page 
(this only appears on the front page). Those boxes are supposed to be 
used as advertisements promoting Gentoo. I just redid "Interact" and I 
still need some ideas for "Manage" and "Optimize". I want at least two 
links in all four of those boxes. They should convey a feeling of 
empowerment and community. Suggestions?

The top level menu (main, planet, forums, etc...) had an issue. The 
green arrow designates which site you are on. If you are on then PLANET would be first in line with the green 
arrow. I spaced the first word out more to make it more obvious. The 
link colors were changed to white with green hover to be consistant with 
the site-wide color scheme and also to pass the color blind test.

print icon was moved to the right and an email to the docs-team icon added.

There were a bunch of small details that were ironed out so the entire 
site is really looking very polished and professional and it's really 
coming together now. I've gotten lots of great feedback from the 
community that really helped, thanks everybody.

One bit of feedback is still lingering. The new logo is being questioned 
and many people have voiced a desire to put it to a vote. Aaron Shi has 
agreed to make an alternate version and the project leads have consented 
to the Gentoo Developers voting in the normal fashion on which one will 
become the new Official Gentoo Logo.

Aaron is presently in school taking his exams so don't expect to see the 
alternate version until after the $HOLIDAY. Once Aaron submits it I'll 
post it to the list and give everyone a chance to review it before we vote.

I feel that this is 99% done. There are a few issues that neysx brought 
up that I need to address, I'll do that tomorrow. Once that's done I'm 
going to push for a release of this current layout ASAP. The logo can 
easily be changed if the current "infinity" logo is outvoted.

ramereth, swift and klieber: what do you think? I would like to have 
this site up and running before christmas, is that feasible?

neysx, do you see any technical bugs that need to be fixed (other than 
the stuff you linked to in your previous mail)?
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