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From: Aaron Shi <aaron@××××××××.com>
To: www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: [www-redesign] Progress update
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 00:56:17
Hi all,
I've finished 2 reference pages: More Headlines and Guide Page.  The Website
reference page essentially has the same stuff as the Guide Page, I don't
really see a reason to remake with
the new design.  In terms of presentation there isn't anything new there.  
You can access the new pages and the latest snapshot here:
Is there a "master list" of all the CSS formatting required? I.e. code,
path, input, code listing, etc. etc.  while the Guide Page seemed to cover a
lot of stuff, I'm sure it doesn't have everything.  It appears that code and
input has the same formatting/colors (namely blue monospaced font) in the
current setup, it seems a bit ambiguous to me.  Any thoughts?  What do you
guys think about having line numbers appear on the side of the code
listings?  Usually I'd put something like that for long snippets of code,
but here it seems to be commands and console output less than a few lines
long so it's probably not useful...
At this point I've decided to skip browser testing every time I make
changes...we'll do that at the end as per the Roadmap: XHTML Code Cleaning.
For now I will only test in IE and Firefox to catch the major problems.
Any and all comments are welcome.


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