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From: Curtis Napier <curtis119@g.o>
To: www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [www-redesign] status of
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 06:06:42
In Reply to: [www-redesign] status of by Curtis Napier
I got together with the project leads and we finalized some decisions. 
The site,, is now in it's final state 
except for the search and donate.

The search is going to be implemented using google as a back end as an 
interim solution. The only free version of google site search that is 
available to us is the normal one that anyone can use. We are not the 
right kind of non-profit to get the free, customized search. This means 
you will be taken out of the gentoo site to a google controlled page.

The good news is that it will allow us to do a very comprehensive 
advanced search page where you can fine grain your search to any of the 
gentoo web sites. You will be able to search documents by language, 
forums, developer pages, etc.... We will also hook into the bugs and 
forum native search engines to further enhance the search. You will be 
able to specify google or forum search as the search backend when you 
search the forum.

We will be investigating alternative search engines that we can host 
ouselves so that we have maximum control. I won't be able to get around 
to that until after the other gentoo sites are migrated to the new 
design so google will be the default for a while. If anyone wants to do 
some preliminary research and start submitting suggestions I would 
appreciate it.

I'll be setting up the search over the next week or two so stay tuned.

As you can see Aarons reference site has been implemented pretty 
accurately now. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I've had individual reports from a few key people and can safely say 
that it renders correctly in all browsers with the exception of IE5 on 
mac. I decided that it was not used enough to justify the hack it would 
require to support it and there are alternative browsers for the mac all 
the way back to OS8.X that don't have outstanding security issues as IE5 
  does. I hope the few users of this browser will understand.

There was a small bug in konqueror that I finally got sorted out, thanks 
to dangle for being my tester.

I'll report back when the search is ready for wide testing.

Thanks everybody
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