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From: Blackace <blackace@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] status of
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:26:34
On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 08:51 +0100, Energytwister wrote:
> > If you have access to a Macintosh, Windows, *BSD or any other OS or > > Browser please test the site and include your OS and the browser > > version in your feedback. I haven't received feedback from > > Konqueror or Safari so feedback from those browsers would be much > > appreciated. > > I am using a Powerbook G4 running with Mac OS X 10.4.3 (Tiger) and > Safari Version 2.0.2 (416.12). > > The site looks just fine with the exception of a lot of unnecessary > whitespace between the header and > the cow logo where it reads "We produce Gentoo...". > > A similar amount of "seems-out-of-place"-whitespace is visible > between the "Older News"-link and the > three icons for "Documentation" "Resources' "Community".
I also see this whitespace in Linux with Galeon, and I agree it seems out of place and could use to be tightened up. Another issue is the line spacing on the last line of authors in docs is greater than the rest. I'm a little unsure that the links in the upper right should be all caps...looks kinda odd. If the "Make a Donation" graphic is going to be in the donate div then having "Donation" bold is redundant and misleading as it isn't clickable, and the Make a Donation graphic needs it's transparency worked on. Whitespace is needed between "> What's New" and the line before the news items...color separation would look better than the horizontal lines that currently separate news items. On some pages, for one...the ads on the right become spaced out from the right hand side instead of being consistently aligned. On the subsections could use some whitespace between them, ie. between the "Installation Guides" section of links and the "Other Installation Related Documentation" list of links. scrolls horizontally probably due to the fig's overflow. Increasing the line spacing could be good, since lists of links currently look very crowded due to their underlines being 1 pixel from the top of the next line's text. On docs, the "Printer-friendly" graphic needs to be vertically centered on the text to it's left, or alternately could be right aligned so it is in the top-right of the page. On pages where the ads are longer than the content to their left, the content is vertically aligned middle, it needs to be vertically aligned top. On docs, tables have a 2px border, which seems too heavy/thick...a 1px white border could look good, just denoting separation of the cells. It would be good if there was a way to restrict the width of notes/warns since on they cause the page to scroll horizontally, when they could instead just wrap their contents...only code listings should be kept from being wrapped. The lines that flank the nav elements in the handbook seem too heavy as well...maybe 1px solid or dotted would look better? or maybe no lines? And I'm not sure what's happening with dates in the GWN index, but they have extra newlines in them causing them to look rather odd. And I take it the glsa index stuff ( hasn't been implemented for the wwwredesign site? That's it for now, Curtis, I hope you don't see my comments as critical or demanding, they are just suggestions/my personal opinions...I'm very impressed with how much work you've done, and I'd like to thank you for keeping the redesign alive, if it weren't for you it would've died and been forgotten :) -- Blackace Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Developer


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