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From: James Dio <jim-list@××××××.com>
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Subject: [www-redesign] Too much?
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 21:03:15
Message-Id: 1111698222.20019.23.camel@jimboy
Well i subscribed to this list quite some time ago and after looking
around for quite a short time (so if I am indeed mis-informed from only
reading a few posts bear with me) doesnt the site at   look a little bloated?
Thats what i liked about 's current site its simple and very
few images and no crazy things poking at you.. IMHO i kind of like
gentoo's current site :) That does look good and if it wasn't for it
looking bulky then i'd absolutly love it.. Or maybe bulky is alright i
really dont know but i figured i'd post my opinion not that its really
my business.


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