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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] about updated and news page.
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:03:19
In Reply to: [www-redesign] about updated and news page. by Michael Curtis Napier
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Michael Curtis Napier wrote:
| Hi everybody,
|  I did a little updating to the previous about page that I sent out
| earlier. I merged the style sheet in to the main.css so it will be
| easier to make changes. The font size issue should be corrected now. I
| used a percentage instead of an absoulte so the individuals browser
| settings will be taken into account. I justified the text so
| readability should be better.
| I also made a news page, 20041021-portage51. I'm concerned with the
| "code listings". I don't think they look right but the old way of doing
| it doesn't fit into the new design either.Lists use the arrow pic
| instead of the browsers default so it fits in nicely.
| I installed a web server on a box in my house so no more silly pop-up
| ads from yahoo. Sorry about that.
| Comments? Suggestions? Feedback of any sort is appreciated.

I'll host submissions on my dev space for now (though I'll be without a
net connection for about a week from Sunday)

I really like the code listings down the side, it makes finding them so
easy. One possibility is that the "Code Listing n:", the title and
actual code could all be contained in a table. The title row would
expanded all the way from the "Code Listing n:" part.

As for the about page, I'm sure most people won't care too much when it
was published, and because there aren't any code listings it looks like
the entire column has been created just for the date. Plus its waisting

Oh, and the section headers look indented slightly - it's playing with
my eyes! :)

P.S Would those link boxes at the bottom look any better if they were

Ian Leitch

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