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From: Michael Curtis Napier <curtis119@×××××.com>
To: www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: [www-redesign] site map
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 20:54:22
Sven Vermeulen wrote:

>On Mon, May 23, 2005 at 09:27:21PM -0700, Michael Curtis Napier wrote: > >>The Site Map is an index to the entire gentoo site. > > >I don't think we need to link each page in the site map (for instance
>documentation guides) but rather the structure of the site. > >So, for documentation, more than the index page and the listing page >shouldn't be necessary. > >Imho, of course. > >Wkr, > Sven Vermeulen >
I was under the impression (not sure why) that we were making the Site Map a comprehensive Index of the entire site. I was actually starting to think of ways to make it auto-generated based on the contents of the site. Drop in a new file and it gets added to the Site Map automatically. If we only want it to be a top level index then I will stop pursuing this and put my efforts else where. Damn I'm glad - that was going to be a bitch to figure out :) @Aaron, When you come back to the project on a regular basis (after school is out?) we can start addressing all of your concerns. Glad to see you back on the list, I was getting a little worried about you. Everything I have done so far is just preliminary. Part of the Roadmap is ensuring that the layout will fit into the existing XSL backend. My live test site is a proof of concept for that as well as a way to generate test layouts for each page on-the-fly instead of doing it manually in HTML. It's also becoming a solid base for us to build this new site on. Part of the Roadmap is to clean up the XSL and make it easier to maintain the site. As it stands now there is a lot of code duplication in one major XSL file with a few sub-templates in seperate files. That main file is huge and hard to understand/navigate making debugging much more difficult than it has to be. I have a great start on breaking the GuideXSL templates down into manageable parts and making all of the code re-useable so a simple change can be done in one place instead of 2 or 3 as it is now (like headers, footers, ads and menus). Commenting heavily as I go so anyone who maintains this site will be able to open any XSL page and know exactly what it does, how it links to the other templates and how to change it without introducing bugs. Another item on the Roadmap is reorganizing the site into logical groups. I am hesitantly moving files around based on the Site Map structure and building a menu system that will follow that structure (Breadcrumbs - I'm experimenting so if you visit and the menu is broke I already know). This will make it easier for visitors to navigate and it will also make it easier for devs to organize their projects and have the documentation follow that organization. This applies to all the Gentoo documentation; user, dev and project. This is why I need a LOT of input on the Site Map, I redid it to reflect swift's comments. We really need to finalize it so if anyone sees any glaring ommisions or has thoughts/comments/ideas about what should/should not be a top level or second level category please start posting to the list. We need to really hash this out and get a final approval from swift et al. Thanks M Curtis Napier curtis119@×××××.com -- www-redesign@g.o mailing list