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From: Stefan Huszics <sauron@×××××××.se>
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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] about updated and news page.
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 08:50:58
In Reply to: [www-redesign] about updated and news page. by Michael Curtis Napier
Michael Curtis Napier wrote:

> The font size issue should be corrected now. >
Greate. :) Playing around with fontsizes however reveals that much of the current design is _very_ sensitive to fontsize changes (eg 800px screen and fontsize of about 15px or higher severly breaks layout). When I make pages I always try to make the layout capable of reflowing correctly in at least the range 50%-200% from 16px fontsize (which is the default in most browsers). I'll have a go at "liqifying" the pages to make them more resilient against fontchanges if noone beats me to it (unfortunately I'm right in the middle of an examperiod currently but should have time for this in about 2 weeks).
> I also made a news page, 20041021-portage51. I'm concerned with the > "code listings". I don't think they look right but the old way of doing > it doesn't fit into the new design either. >
I think you are right and I also think that switching to a DL instead of TABLE structure as I suggested in my first mail to the list would give a lot more flexibility in this area to make something that both works and looks good.
> I installed a web server on a box in my house so no more silly pop-up > ads from yahoo. >
I think it would be benificial if you, or someone else, made it available for anybody to upload pages to such a server. Would make it less difficoult for people to contribute and give links to pages without getting an addinfested free host. /SH


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