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From: Blackace <blackace@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] status of
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 06:50:16
On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 21:12 -0500, Curtis Napier wrote:
> I'm still working on the handbook menu, anybody have any ideas? I'm > going to try the green arrows somehow or other unless someone can come > up with something better.
I would suggest this is a good opportunity to figure out how the sub-nav for specific sites like the forums and bugzilla will work out in addition to sub-nav for the handbook and other handbook.xsl documents (the dev handbook comes to mind) first suggestion along those lines would be to place a sub-navigation bar under the main navigation but above the ad bar, in other words where the five promo boxes are on the main page, just collapsed in terms of height...this would also allow you to keep the search interface around on other pages of the site...and you could add a combo box to it for selecting what search to perform...this and a unified interface on all gentoo sites with unified search result pages will allow people to move from one site to the next, finding what they need, quickly, efficiently, and intuitively.
> I made a major change to the content area. I did this to address the > problem of "Dead Space" under the ad bar that several people have > complained about and to help make the site degrade properly when fonts > are increased or the window is small. > > Doing this caused a problem with block items overlapping the ads. This > is because in order to get text to wrap under it (ad bar) I had to float > it instead of absolutely positioning it. Items like: warning, important, > note and codetables had to change the way the title is done from a div > to a span to keep the background color from stretching across the page > and overlapping the ads. The bottom part of them is now a <p> instead of > a div for the same reason. The header will now only have a colored > background directly under the text instead of a banner that goes across > the page. Other than that it still looks the same.
I see the effects of this in the ad bar's padding, width, and in the line-height of it's contents (which may just be noticeable relative to the horizontal problems), and in how the main page scrolls horizontally now. I don't know if it's related or not, but the jump pads at the bottom now have a large gap between the top image of each one and it's contents. Another small thing that catches my eye is the title rows for the newsitems, it needs some padding so the background color isn't crowding the text...and it might look better if the date to the left of the title had a background color, maybe a slightly different color, so the whole newsitem is better defined from the others in place of the horizontal rules that were removed (which don't get me wrong, looked worse, but the newsitems are lacking definition now). Another thing on the newsitems that comes to mind is how the author on the left is exactly one row higher than the text on the right...I agree there needs to be top-padding in the text row, but it seems it would be ok for the text and the author to line up and share the same top-padding.
> It's all coming together now thanks to the excellent feedback. Keep it > coming people! :-)
Gladly, thank you for continuing on with the hard/real work of this thing :) -- Blackace Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Developer


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