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From: Stefan Huszics <sauron@×××××××.se>
To: www-redesign@××××××××××××.org
Subject: Re: [www-redesign] about updated and news page.
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 05:51:11
In Reply to: Re: [www-redesign] about updated and news page. by Michael Curtis Napier
Michael Curtis Napier wrote:

>However, the layout was voted on and chosen in advance of >the markup creation. >
Yes of cource the voted design should be mimiced as close as possible, not suggesting we shouldn't :) I often have a graphical conceptimage as target too, but such images are static and usually only provided in "1 resolution" so getting good behaviour across different res & fontprefs is still something that is mostly left to the markup coder.
>Once I get a testing backend up and running we can start actual work on >the templates and finalize the layout. For now we need to concentrate >on a *general* layout so we have something to follow. > >
Understood, still we are discussing quite detiled things eg like exactly how code sections should look like on the news listing. It makes a lot of difference for what things you can suggest (& even implement in the mockup site) if you are eg locked into an underlying TABLE-structure vs if you have the full bag of tricks of true liquid CSS layout to play with. So whatever way you look at it, the underlying markup itself plays a major role for layout and IMO it's thus not desiarable to compleatly eliminate discussing markup at the same time as layout. In fact it might be outright detimental to the final resoult to compleatly ignore markup even at this early stage. Anyway, this is just my opionion based on my personal experiences, so feel free to ignore me :) Regards / SH -- www-redesign@g.o mailing list