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From: Curtis Napier <curtis119@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, www-redesign@l.g.o
Subject: [www-redesign] Re: [gentoo-dev] Update of
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 08:16:53
Flammie Pirinen wrote:
> 2005-11-25, Curtis Napier sanoi, jotta: > > >>I honestly thought that the changes I made were better from an >>accessibility standpoint. I guess I was wrong. > > > Not really. > > >>So on that note, I've gone over the design and gotten it closer to >>Aarons's reference. [...] Check out what I did change in the meantime. > > > Uh-oh. The usability regression from what the site was yesterday is > unbelievable. Almost all of the texts are too small to read again, and > the color combinations are also unreadable again. I hope that you and > Aaron are still going to take into account at least all the usability > related requests from the feedback you asked, because I'd be pretty > annoyed to see yet another web site redesign that manages to make > original website even more unusable than it was. >
Sorry, I should have been a little more clear. What I meant in my last email is that I would get the site to match Aarons current reference and then he and I, working together as a team, would then address all the issues that were brought up during the last round of feedback. Aarons input as the designer will be make it so much easier to make sure those accessibilty/other feedack is incorporated in a way that is pleasing to look at and integrates with Aarons original design. This is how it should have been done from the beginning as I already said in my last email. Sorry for any confusion. ps. I'm moving all discussion of this to the www-redesign@g.o mailing list. I'll start a new thread there right now. Anyone who wants to participate should sign up for that list. -- www-redesign@g.o mailing list