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From: Damon Conway <kabau@g.o>
To: admin@g.o
Subject: Re: [Gentoo-admin] Rsync mirrors
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 09:45:33
In Reply to: [Gentoo-admin] Rsync mirrors by Colin Morey
On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 03:06:29PM +0100, Colin Morey wrote:
> I'm planning on drawing up a ToR (Terms of Running) for the maintainers > of the rysnc mirrors, putting into writing what we expect from them and > what they can expect from us, to this end i'm looking for some input. > so, > on the technical side, we're looking for a minimal bandwidth of 512k , > maximum connections based on a ratio of 1 user per 64k of bandwidth > above that. > Updates of 2x an hour, (ideally we'll stagger based on regional times, > but this may not be possible).
Yea, these sound good to me. At 512k that gives us 8 simultaneous users. I'm not sure if people will like that or not.
> communications, > all maintainers should provide an uptodate, regularly checked email > address, response times should be next working day, unless RL > circumstances dictate otherwise.(a response of thanks for your email, > i'll get back to you by XX is acceptable), and we will follow the same > guidelines.
Yea, looks good to me. kabau -- Damon Conway Gentoo Lover kabau@g.o GPG Key Info: Key fingerprint = 6FE5 F2CC 349C 95AB E78F BAA8 1238 69B5 D847 C395