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From: Don Wilburn <bodhisattva@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] install cd won't boot
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 20:51:40
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-alpha] Alpha boot CD has no jfs tools by Matt Turner
1 I've been trying to make a boot CD from the 9/6/2014 iso. I tried more
2 than than one iso, from different mirrors, using different computers,
3 and different programs. The result was always something about block 0
4 is not a valid boot block.
5 So, I tried isomarkboot from Gentoo. No luck.
6 Then I booted an old Debian (5.0 lenny) installation and used their
7 isomarkboot. I just entered isomarkboot file.iso boot/bootlx. This
8 time, it did start to boot. It died with kernel stack not valid and
9 three chevrons.
10 I'm out of CD-Rs.
12 I always figured it was my terrible IDE chip. However, I have a Gentoo
13 CD I marked 5/5/2013 that boots perfectly. So, I have to conclude that
14 my hardware can function.
15 I don't imagine that the aboot package has changed recently. I don't
16 know. My hard drives are SCSI and aboot works for them. I never tried
17 isomarkboot before.
18 I left out any initrd parameters when I tried the Debian isomarkboot.
19 There are initrd parameters passed to the kernels in the aboot.conf file
20 on the CD, but I don't know what isomarkboot needs.
22 I assume the boot CD kernels work.
23 The man page says I can use a loop device or an image file. The
24 question is:
25 What is the proper syntax for running isomarkboot to make a Gentoo
26 install CD? Anything tricky?
28 Note: I ran the sha512sum on one iso file and eyballed the result. It
29 was right.
30 The next iso will probably be out soon. My spindle of CD-Rs should
31 arrive soon too, ha ha. I'll keep trying.
33 Adios, DW


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