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From: Ben de Luca <bedel@×××××××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-alpha] alpha newbie question
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:42:52
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-alpha] alpha newbie question by Andrew Gaylard
On 02/03/2006, at 9:40 PM, Andrew Gaylard wrote:

> kloeri@g.o wrote: > >> That should work fine using a hardware raid controller. If using >> software raid I'd recommend against using raid on /. Even if you can >> apply some hackish solution to make it boot the bootloader won't >> understand software raid so it can only be a hack. / isn't worth all >> that trouble in my opinion as it can easily be rebuilt if needed. >> >> > > Surely, all the bootloader needs to know about is /boot? > On my alpha I had no end of trouble trying to use XFS for /, > until I realised that the bootloader only understood ext2. > The solution was to make a separate ext2 partition for /boot, > put the kernels there. > > In this way, the bootloader can find the kernels and load them, > and the kernels know how to mount / as type XFS.
there is the usual root on raid how toos about. The kernel has to know what the raid set is, I havnt tried this on alpha but seeing you cant read the raidtab in etc its auto detected from the partion and disks. I dont know if the partioning that you need to use in alpha supports it? Maybe you can pass the kernel this info at boot.
> Now an unrelated question: can I add IDE disks to my 433au > (Miata)? If so, are there certain types that are recommended? > Are there any limitations? (e.g. must I boot off SCSI disks?)
I have a 433au without a scsi controller so I am sure it can boot off ide. I had problems with 2.4 running IDE disks when I was using a miata specific kernel. Generic worked fine though. Lots of messages about interrupts. I havn't turned my alpha on for a few years so maybe its fixed.
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