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From: Harm Geerts <harmgeerts@××××.nl>
To: gentoo-amd64@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Re: Re: libungif and giflib conflict.
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 22:02:45
In Reply to: [gentoo-amd64] Re: Re: Re: libungif and giflib conflict. by Duncan <>
On Wednesday 02 November 2005 21:54, Duncan wrote:
> Hmm... That --noreplace is a new one on me. I normally simply > > echo <category/pkg> >> /var/lib/portage/world > > That appends the echoed cat/package to the end of the named file, > accomplishing what we are after. The only down side to doing it manually > (using echo) is if you typo. Still, that's not hard to catch and fix, if > depclean still wants to remove the package you (thought you) just added. > Newer versions of portage (don't believe it's in stable portage yet) even > have an emaint command that removes the bad lines for you.
So did I, but now the warning `emerge depclean` produces tells me I can use this. I find this rather nice as it is a lot safer and keeps the world file free from user errors. For example replacing >> with > would be the most destructive user error :P I have portage 2.0.53_rc7 installed and I'm not sure which version introduced --noreplace so it might not be available for everyone yet.
> 2. All this should reemphasize the role of the world file. It should > list all your "leaf" packages, for the most part, executables. It should > NOT list "trunk and branch" packages, dependencies of the leaves, for the > most part, libraries and the like.
Ed Catmur has written a script that prunes the world file. This will tune your world to only list leaf packages. But this may not always be desired, use at your own discretion. I've got nothing else to add so I guess this concludes the course "Maintaining Gentoo in a nutshell" by Duncan and Harm Geerts :) -- gentoo-amd64@g.o mailing list


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