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Subject: [gentoo-desktop-research] Installation thread
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 21:15:09
this is the start of the installation thread.
We need some brainstorming befor creating a project task imho

* existing stuff for gentoo

Luke-Jr works on someting already (he'll explain it better than me)
anaconda stuff (vprada@g.o)

* existing stuff for linux
the ton of linux distro installer...

But before looking at that, I think we should agree on what we want

My opinion :

The installer is something that gives the distro its identity. we should have
our installer.

We want (at least) an installer so that not-so-expert linux users can install
gentoo. That is, it must be GUI, simple, short. In my opinion, installation
should not include config tools that can be run after installation.

The installer should detect as much as possible, provide language selection, disk partitionning,
package selection, root passwd, maybe network, and X config.
We could use the livecd, build some graphical interface that asks minimal
question to be able to install, add some scripts that copy the needed stuff on
the harddrive, set up portage, and X.

That would be a first step, that is open enough to be developped

put all your ideas in this thread, it's the goal


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