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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] definitions draft
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 08:43:50
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] definitions draft by Paul de Vrieze
I agree with GLEP integration. What about :

* Exploration phase  -  GOAL : describe and decide
- throw a description here, verify validity
- preliminary discussion here and/or irc
- Optional : Prepare a prototype, testcase or a little code snippet to let
  everybody play.
  *** we put it here, it should be done only if usefull, and should not take
  time. A lot of problems won't be compatible with prototypes *** 
- APPROVAL 1 : does it worth it to handle it (see below). The result should be
  written to the mailing list and on the xml project page if we decide to
  handle the case.

* Planification phase [strict deadline]  -  GOAL : have a GLEP
- add new tasks : at least some time to research further (with a
  milestone), and some time to find a solution (with milestone).
- one of the tak should be GLEP writing. Possibly one people should take care
  that the planification is conforming to GLEP standard
- assign people to the task, set up deadlines
- all this should be well written in the xml project pages, and should end with
  a new and shiny GLEP
- APPROVAL 2 (see below)

xml project pages precisions : their main goal is to organize the work, and
archive what's been done. They should be the canva to the GLEP and development

GLEP precision : should contain contain the key parts of the discussions of the
discussion phase, problem identification (what is the problem), problem
acceptation (is this really a problem), problem exploration (what are the causes and 
possible solutions to the problem) , proposed solution and the merrits of 
this particular solution. The latter of course from later discussions.

We'll try to work together in a friendly manner, so no use to be strict for
every points. Nevertheless, rules are still usefull for extreme situations.

APPROVAL 1 : at the end of the Revision phase, we should try to come to an
agreement that we should handle the case.

APPROVAL 2 : I think it'd good to warn people outside of -desktop-research
at this point, like leaders and other devs. They should decide if they approve
the GLEP. Maybe we should warn/inform them before the GLEP


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