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From: Gytis Raciukaitis <raciuk@××××××××××.lt>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] Gentoo Configuration Tools
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 20:54:39
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop-research] Gentoo Configuration Tools by Tiemo Kieft

> Since noone seems to have any comment on this, we can start with step 2. > We have to decide which tools are actually going to be designed. I > propose the following, comments are, naturally, welcome :) : > > 1) Runlevel editor: to add and remove services from runlevels, and to > start, stop and restart services. I actually made this, some time ago, > screenie can be found at: > Although I made it > myself completely, it's based on redhats tool.
This should definitelly include someway to configure services using conf.d.
> 2) Network configuration editor
Include DHCP, dyndns and etc., firewall configuration.
> 3) Portage editor: to edit all variables in /etc/make.conf, including > selecting mirrors, and adding use-flags
Does anyone need this badly? This is not that hard task and is not done daily :). This could be a part of portage GUI.
> > 4) User administration tool: to administrate local users.
someday this could include also include LDAP etc. user configuration.
> > Suggestions are welcome, keep in mind that we are deciding on which apps > to make. The individual requirements are the next step.
some of these tools are in gnome-config-tools - they have Gentoo support in TODO. Some tools already support gentoo. My suggestion is that we could just adopt some of the variuos config tools available and integrate it into the gentoo-config. As for suggestions, here are mine: 5) printer manager. At least for CUPS. 6) device manager. kernel modules, module parameters, usb devices. 7) Date, time, locale configuration. 8) Font configurator. 9) Samba, FTP - include simple file sharing setup and management for inexperienced users and most likely for basic start. 10) Global gentoo specific configuration, interface for rc.conf. if we could make the whole thing modular and provide good API, the list could evolve. First of all let's decide what level of tools we need. All the hackers outthere will be using good ol' "vi some.conf" method, but for new users these tools and the ease of use might be a critical point in choosing Gentoo. -- Gytis Raciukaitis <raciuk@××××××××××.lt>


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