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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] 8 days now!!
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 03:42:06
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop] 8 days now!! by Lindsay Haisley
Thanks Lindsay!

Sometimes I just need a hug!!  I am running in knoppix (the only x system
I have) and webmail (squirrel mail) and it is very difficult to get by. 
Gentoo has been very good to me and I am trying to get back.  maybe I have
too many use variables or somthing.  I got as far as compiling the kernel
and configuring grub. I even got it to boot! but I ran into a wall when I
started to emerge gnome.  the problem was with XML-parser. something about
gcc. now I have recompiled system a bunch of times and it is killing me! 
I only have a gentoo 2006.0 LiveCD and I started by downloading a 2006.1
stage3 tarball. I am using knoppix cd now because it allows me to shell in
as root and then I can mount my hd and chroot in. Like I said I am not a
newbe but then again, I don't do bare metal installs very often and thanks
for the kind words!  It is hard for me to even get to my email now.  I
need my evolution and firefox passwords!! damn!!!


> Hey, be patient with this fellow! Been there. Know how he feels. Bought > the > T-shirt. Been flamed on this list for doing exactly what he's done! > > To the original poster .... > > First, it's hard to figure out what might be wrong when you're beating > your > head against a wall feeling frustrated. Step back and chill! > > Second, post to this list a summary of what happened to cause the crash, > what > you've done to try to recover, and what the compile errors are that you're > getting. It's not posting about your frustration that's going to get you > the > help you need to get back on track, it's posting solid reports about what > you're doing and the errors you're getting. > > You might want to use a Gentoo live-CD to copy your important data to > another > box, and then give us as much useful information as you can about the > problem. > I've found that the solution to must such situations is simpler than ones > frustration makes it appear. > > Thus spake ????baran Akçay??r on Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 03:36:28PM CST >> so ? why do i have to know this? >> please dont spam >> >> 03 Feb 2007 Sat tarihinde, lists ??unlar?? yazm????t??: >> > I have been using Gentoo for 3 years and I have been using Linux for >> 10 >> > years! I have been spending the past 8 days trying to re-install >> gentoo >> > on my desktop after a crash. compile error after error after error >> after >> > error after error after error after error!! I think I am done with >> > gentoo!!!!! >> > >> > I should have loaded a gun, pointed it at my foot, and squeezed!!!! I >> > can't even begin to ask questions about what could be going wrong. >> there >> > are too many! I have followed thread after thread and keep hiting new >> > problems! What the H! Also, I am not a newbe! compile, compile, >> > compile..... This is crazy!! >> >> >> -- >> ????baran Akçay??r >> >> >> -- >> gentoo-desktop@g.o mailing list >> > > -- > Lindsay Haisley | "Fighting against human | PGP public key > FMP Computer Services | creativity is like | available at > 512-259-1190 | trying to eradicate | <> > | dandelions" | > | (Pamela Jones) | > -- > gentoo-desktop@g.o mailing list >
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