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From: Paul de Vrieze <pauldv@g.o>
To: gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] What "just works" and what doesn't?
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 09:25:40
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-desktop] What "just works" and what doesn't? by Spider
On Friday 08 October 2004 17:42, Spider wrote:
> > Thats like /tmp, sticky bit set, world writeable, (chmod 1777) where > only the owner can remove the files. Decent solution, but doesn't > really make sure that all the users have -read- access to all files.
Well, we now have ACL support. You can easilly do this with acl in a straightforward way. We might want to make a manual describing how to do it. Together with the mostly undocumented mount options needed to enable acl's on the filesystem.
> Currently I'm using chmod 1777 /media/music, and run a script to > regularly set the permissions below it as this: > chgrp -R audio > chmod g+rw (for files) > chmod g+rxw (for directories)
Acl's can set default permissions so your script shouldn't be needed anymore (but you might want to run it once in a while to ensure that).
> > however, this isn't really "optimal", but it works, and allows all users > to actually share the music. The whole idea is that the directory is > common storage, the same goes for other media. Things that are private > go into ~ anyhow.
ACL's are great.
> > the main argument for it is that I/we can export /media/music over > samba/nfs for other people, it separates user-data from "global commune" > data (at least where I live its perfectly ok to share music like this. > *waves to the RIAA* )
And you know what? Samba supports ACL's too. Paul -- Paul de Vrieze Gentoo Developer Mail: pauldv@g.o Homepage: