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From: Roman <lists@×××××××××.de>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-desktop] [kde-sunset] cmake porting status for Trinity
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 08:28:21
Hi again,

Am Saturday 29 January 2011 10:42:53 schrieben Sie(Serghei Amelian 
> > Although i don't really know what i should do with the overlay-files... > > do you want me to set it up in a git or something? > Sure, would be nice.
Ok, i set up a git repo at git:// Already made some changes to the ebuilds (mostly dependencies), but still not useable..
> Actually I want to pass ebuilds development to Gentoo people, because I'm > pretty bussy with cmake and other Trinity things. Also, I'm not exactly an > portage guru and my ebuilds are pretty sloppy (I think it needs some > rework).
Thats totally understandable, i will try to get a working desktop from your ebuilds, but it looks like it is still a lot of work to do. i still have to edit files by hand to get to a desktop and then i get en empty K-Menu, guess i will have to take a closer look at the old ebuilds. Also it seems kdm is crashing every time... As i am not an expert on this.. if anybody wants to get it working... just send me a mail.. greetings, Roman -- Make headway at work. Continue to let things deteriorate at home.


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