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From: "Sean P. Kane" <spkane@××××××××××.com>
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Subject: RE: [gentoo-dev] kernel PCMCIA
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 14:51:06
1 Chad,
3 How hard would it be to add the modify the pcmcia-cs ebuild so that it
4 could be set to keep the configured source under
5 /usr/src/pcmcia-cs-"version number"?
7 Since someone has done this already with the kernel sources, I figured
8 it might be quicker for someone here to do that part and then I would be
9 willing to create a new ebuild for the linux-wlan-ng package I was
10 talking about earlier. However, I need access to the configured
11 pcmcia-cs sources. I compiled wlan-ng by hand on my Gentoo system and it
12 works great (once I updated to the newest Intel ACPI patch so the system
13 would assign IRQs to my PCMCIA system). My wireless pcmcia card comes up
14 and I can browse the net fine. Since these drivers offer very good
15 support for the most widely used wireless chipset, Intersil's Prism2, I
16 think this is something that a lot of people would probably like.
18 Sean
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21 From: Chad M. Huneycutt [mailto:chad.huneycutt@×××.org]
22 Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 12:20
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24 Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] kernel PCMCIA
27 Gert Dewit wrote:
28 > On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 1048, Chad wrote:
29 >>Gert Dewit wrote:
30 >>>I've posted following message on the gentoo-install forum, but I'd
31 >>>like to know from you guys why gentoo is using the non-kernel PCMCIA
32 >>>stuff from pcmcia-cs in the install initrd.
33 >>
34 >>Daniel put that on the install CD per my recommendation. My
35 >>understanding
36 >>is that pcmcia-cs has newer/more drivers than the kernel. If this is
37 no
38 >>longer correct, then we can certainly switch to kernel-only modules on
39 the
40 >>CD in the future.
41 >
42 > I'm affraid it's not that simple. As up to kernel version 2.4.16 or so
43 > you were right that the pcmcia-cs drivers were more stable and had
44 more
45 > supported cards. Today I'm not sure about the situation. As far as I
46 > know there are cards that are only supported by the kernel drivers
47 > (the D-Link DFE 690TXD I use for instance as well as other cards that
48 > are supported by their pci drivers) and there are cards that are only
49 > supported by the pcmcia-cs drivers.
51 I was afraid that would happen eventually.
53 > The best way to go I think is use the kernel PCMCIA infrastructure and
55 > drivers and add the pcmcia-cs "clients" (drivers) and cardmanager
56 > utils. I think this is the strategy the RedHat boys also use.
58 I don't understand how the two sets of modules could co-exist, but if it
60 is possible, then I am all for it.
63 > If you want me to check it out, just say so, I've got some spare time
64 > while my new gentoo system is building on my laptop.
66 By all means, please. Another option is to provide pcmcia-cs sources on
68 the CD, so that if someone really needs it, they can build them from a
69 stage2 system.
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