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From: Andreas Karafyllis <ak_personal@××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Installation Instructions improvements
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:34:52
1 Hello everyone!
3 I installed before 2 days the 1.4-rc1 version (from the UT2003 CD) using an
4 ADSL connection and I would like to suggest some improvements and corrections
5 to the installation instructions. Before that, I would like to say THANK YOU
6 for this great distribution. Keep the good job. After testing the last years
7 a lot of different dists, I think that this time I found what I was looking
8 for.
10 I describe my suggestions under the title of the corresponding sections.
12 2.Booting
13 ----------
14 I use a german keyboard (I am a Greek living in Germany :-)) and I was not
15 prompted to choose a keyboard layout after I logged in as described in this
16 section. This can be a VERY difficult situation for some people and certainly
17 a very bad first impression.
19 5. Configure installation networking
20 ----------------------------------------
21 The instructions about the ADSL subscribers are a little bit confusing. There
22 is only a note which refers to another document. I think that this reference
23 make thinks complicated and should be removed. At this point you have to do
24 only "adsl-setup" and then "adsl-start" (net-setup eth0 was not needed in my
25 case). Therefore I suggest to remove this note and add a subsection for the
26 ADSL configuration using the following listing:
27 # adsl-setup
28 # adsl-start
30 14. Final steps: kernel and system logger
31 ----------------------------------------------
32 Many things here.
33 a) I decided initially to use the gentoo-sources. But when I was configuring
34 the kernel using "make menuconfig" I could not locate the XFS module (I
35 choosed the XFS filesystem for my root partition in the previous steps). You
36 should have a big warning here in which sources is available the XFS. Finally
37 I used the XFS sources of course.
38 b) The notes and warnings must be BEFORE the code listings. Many people (like
39 me ;-)) are not so patient and execute the listsings before reading all the
40 paragraph.
41 c) I realized later (after booting) that my adsl connection was not working.
42 I suspected that probably I forgot something when I was compiling the kernel.
43 I booted with CD again, brought up the ADSL connection and made an lsmod to
44 see which modules are loaded. I realized that the problem was that when
45 compiling the kernel I did not included the "PPP support for async ports"
46 (ppp_async) and "PPP support for sync tty ports" (ppp_synctty). Both are
47 needed (and the pppoe of course)
49 Some final notes about the "emerge" now.
50 1. It is not very clear in the current man page of the emerge (and the portage
51 howto) how do you rebuild already installed packages after, for example, you
52 changes the USE options in the make.conf. After asking for help in the
53 #gentoo channel, they told me to use the -e or --emptytree option. I think
54 that --emptytree is not the most appropriate name for this thing (That's the
55 reason I missed it in the first place). You should provide an --rebuild alias
56 too.
57 2. What is the best way to uninstall packages ensuring that you do not break
58 depedencies? Please describe it in a clean way in the man page and the
59 portage howto. I am not sure about the answer yet :-(
61 I hope you will find useful my suggestions
63 Have a nice time!!
65 Andreas Karafyllis
67 PS: I found a bug also in the licq package but I will use the bugzilla for
68 this...


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