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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Some new xorg ebuilds
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 10:40:21
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Some new xorg ebuilds by Henrik Brix Andersen
1 Henrik Brix Andersen posted <1113912662.13564.5.camel@××××××.fungus>,
2 excerpted below, on Tue, 19 Apr 2005 14:11:02 +0200:
4 > On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 11:15 +0200, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
5 >> Is there a list of "major" changes for X.Org 6.9.0 (or whatever
6 >> release 6.8.99.* is leading to) somewhere? How far do you estimate
7 >> this release to be away?
8 >
9 >
11 Very useful information, particularly the modularization proposal as
12 linked from there.
14 After reading The Modularization Proposal, and noting from the front page
15 linked above that it has apparently been adopted, I've still some
16 questions, mostly re Gentoo's implementation thereof.
18 The big one, how are we handling the modularization. It has been obvious
19 for some time from Donnie's comments that he's taking Gentoo's xorg toward
20 modularized, but that leaves open the question of how exactly it's going
21 to be done.
23 Is the modularization going to be handled much as the KDE splits were
24 handled? That is, as with KDE having both the multilithic (multi- due to
25 still having multiple category packages) and split ebuilds available for
26 3.4, will xorg 6.9 (current imake monolithic build system, according to
27 the link above) and 7.0 (modularized autotools based build) exist at the
28 same time, with xorg-7.0 being effectively a meta-ebuild of the multiple
29 individual packages, similar to kdebase-meta, or will we switch to
30 modularized immediately (or...)?
32 Once we go 7.0/modularized, what will it look like in terms of the
33 versioning of the individual components? As with KDE, are they going to
34 say in sync with the main upstream release, with individual new package
35 versions getting -rN revision numbers, or are we going to have individual
36 package versions with no relation to the xorg release, save for the
37 xorg-7.x meta-ebuild having deps on >= whatever the highest component
38 ebuild version for that particular package was at that point?
40 More to the immediate point, are the 6.8.99 snapshots going to be
41 modularized more or less as they become available upstream (if it's not
42 already happening, I haven't yet checked), or should we (I) expect a 6.99
43 modularized meta-package set of snapshots to become available at some
44 point?
46 Finally, are all the Gentoo local system location changes now (as of
47 6.8.2-r1 or r2?) complete, or are there still more coming? IOW, are we
48 testers now testing /only/ new xorg code, or are we still testing local
49 system location changes as well?
51 ...
53 Also, one more question, local xorg configuration related. I'm currently
54 running dual VGA screen xinerama on a single dual-output Radeon AGP card.
55 I'd /love/ to be able to run dual cards, an AGP and a PCI, letting me run
56 up to four monitors, but have tried several different hardware
57 arrangements and save for the success I had some time ago with a GForce2
58 and NVidia's proprietary drivers (totalling three monitors on two cards),
59 I've not gotten it working. Is there an official list of dual card
60 supporting xorg drivers, anywhere, and/or perhaps an xorg-user list
61 dealing with such things? I did notice the note about r128 now supporting
62 dual-card layout in the changes since 6.8.2 doc linked from above, which
63 again reminded me that I'd like to get it working. 2 x 2048x1536, 21"
64 monitors, stacked for 2048x3072, is nice, but a 2x2 layout for 4096x3072
65 total display area would DEFINITELY be nicer! =8^)
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