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From: Bernd Waibel <waebbl@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Request to add USE_EXPAND variable for freecad-0.18*+
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 15:25:22
1 Hello Gentoo devs,
3 I have been maintaining the Qt5 updated media-gfx/freecad-0.18* for some
4 time in my overlay[1]. As far as I can see, all dependencies have either
5 been released in the main portage tree, or have blocking bugs open[2][3][4].
7 To develop the re-adding of the package further, I'd like to discuss the
8 possibility of adding a USE_EXPAND variable called FREECAD_MODULES as noted
9 in profiles/base/make.defaults.
12 Rationale
13 =======
14 FreeCAD has a modular design of different so-called workspaces. This
15 enables the program to be built for the particular purposes of i.e.
16 architectural CAD, engineering CAD, FEM, ship design and even raytracing or
17 robot simulation. Those workspaces can, to some extent, be built
18 independently of each other. They are dependant on some basic modules which
19 serve as the core engine of the program.
21 To give the user the possibility to build FreeCAD depending on it's needs,
22 the FREECAD_MODULES should be used.
24 Currently the variable has ~40 modules defined. For a complete list, I'd
25 like to refer to the ebuild in my overlay. I'm open for discussion on the
26 list of modules, it might be possible, that some of them are better placed
27 in USE flags.
29 I hope, this variable get's an approval from the devs. I personally found
30 the alternative, to use a whole lot of USE flags less elegant than this
31 solution.
33 Thank you for your time! I'm happy for any feedback I'll receive on this
34 topic.
36 Regards,
37 Bernd
39 [1]
40 [2]
41 [3]
42 [4]


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