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Subject: [gentoo-dev] unable to boot from unpacked systree 20010421
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:36:57
Message-Id: 3AE4F558.2854.7F2B5D@localhost
1 Hi list
2 I tried to install the sys tree on an spare partition /dev/hda3
3 My configuration is as follows
4 /dev/hda1 swap 150 MB
5 /dev/hda2 other Linux 1500 MB
6 /dev/hda3 gentoo 1500 MB
8 I was able to unpack the tbz2 file,but I had no luck to chroot
9 to this partition.
10 When I call chroot it says illegal instruction and nothing happens
11 Anyway so I builded a kernel (2.4.3) and modified the entries on
12 the bootdisk and also the rootdev with rdev.
13 The problem still remains in sofar that the kernel is not able to find
14 init, I also tried with the init option (init=/bin/bash) but no help. Then
15 I made /dev/hda3 with ext2 ,again with all the necessary steps like
16 fstab rdev etc.
17 Ah yes I also tried to copy bash to hda3 but still no progress.
18 The funny thing is, it did boot from the same floppydisk to my other
19 partition (/dev/hda2) and that works.
20 I'm a bit lost so maybe someone has any suggestions??
22 My other system is greenfrog linux with devfs and glibc 2.1.3 gcc
23 2.95.2 maybe there is some problem but I wouldn`t know what
25 Thanks


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